short sword advice

by Mike

QUESTION: I'm looking for a close-combat, short-sword with the following characteristics:

* designed for thrust and cut
* 5160 steel
* very functional (beater)
* quick handling

With this in mind, I have my eye on Kris' Roman, Baselard and Celtic items...

Kris Cutlery Roman Sword
Kris Cutlery Baselard
Kris Cutlery Celtic well as the Celtic and Roman items discussed on this website...

SBG Celtic Sword Review
SBG Roman Sword Review

The problem is I have not personally had a chance to handle any of these items, so I am seeking advice on which of the foregoing swords may best fit my requirements.

(From a strictly handling point of view I am skeptical about Kris products. I have an older Kris Cutlery viking sword. It is a very simple, solid item, but at nearly 5lbs and top-heavy, not at all user-friendly.)

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

ANSWER: Hi Mike,

Out of all of those, I'd probably have to go for the Roman Sword reviewed on that obscure website SDG or whatever it is. ;-)

Seriously though, the Roman is the best in terms of versatility and quite fast in the hand. The Celtic is a better cutter though, but feels a little more sluggish. But it cuts as well as a Katana!

But yeah, for your own requirements - I would personally recommend the Gen2 Roman Sword.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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