Should I trust this medieval sword on ebay?

by Jason

The Sword in Question

The Sword in Question

Is this "fully functional battle sword" really what it says it is?

I would hate to make an uninformed decision, so i seek the wisdom of wise professionals.

Here is the link: Fully-Functional-Battle-Ready-Tempered-Steel-Crusader-Sword-Scabbard-and-Belt

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I wouldn't...
by: Paul

Personally, I would not buy this sword..

For a start, it is not clear who is the manufacturer - so suggests it is made by a generic Indian forge. The price point alone rings alarm bells, functional medieval swords are rarely under the $200 price point, so anything at $100 is almost certainly going to be rife with issues..

There is also no mention of the weight in the stats, and while it does state it is unsharpened, the edge is looks very wavy so would be almost impossible to sharpen for cutting and I would not trust it for steel on steel contact as not knowing who made it, and not being able to dismantle it (it is not peened - not does it have hex nut assembly) the only way you will find out if it really IS full tang or not might be when it fails suddenly..

The sellers other items all look like generic imports, so yeah - it is extremely unlikely to be a jewel in the junk..

So personally, no - I would not buy this sword - it just feels too risky, especially without any brand name backing it up, reviews, testing videos or further info..

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