So you can't afford a sword?

by L.Pule

Cuts OK.

Cuts OK.


Just to let you know you got a great site here. It's full of interesting stuff - but I suppose you already know that.

I am sending this e-mail to show how this site has helped me. Also to show that there is some hope for even the 'poorest' of us all. There is no way that I can even afford a decent sword - a cheap sword - can't even afford a yukky wall hanger. So after some research etc - it was off into the garage. So this is my version of an Oakeshot type X'ish' sword. Made from a car leaf spring - hence that blimin hole. Found out later the spring shop had racks of good sword blanks - they actually thought that they were leaf spring blanks ( ha!). They heat treated and tempered it for me.I worked hard to keep it under 3 lbs ( 2.14 lbs ) - POB is a bit too forward ( but OK) -distal taper was easy - the fuller was hard to do and I worked really hard and got the harmonic balance pretty good.I have made a few knives etc - but this is my first sword - I actually found it easier than knives to make.Not exactly pretty to look at but it works.I was actually going for a 'functional sword'.I think the next one will be better.It owes me $35 dollars.
Anyway thanks.
New Zealand.

ANSWER: Wow! That really looks very nice, I find it hard to believe that that is your first sword - well done!

You should drop by the sword making section of the forums sometime (if you haven't already of course) - you've got quite a talent, and its great to see that even if you don't have the cash, if you have the time and the inclination, well - you can come up with something that money can't buy!

Keep up the great work!

- Paul

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How did you fill the hole in the spring
by: Jacob

Saw this post while I was looking into a similar project that I may attempt with a friend of mine. But all of the leaf spring that we currently have available has a hole in the exact center of the spring.So was wondering, in the course of making your blade, how did you address that? Your end product looks great, regardless of the flaws you mentioned. Also how thick was your edge prior to sharpening? If you don't recall, that's fine, just wondering. Feel free to ask for any clarification you may need, if any.

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