South Africa

by Moosa
(South Africa)

QUESTION: I am looking for a place to buy replica swords in South Africa.

I am looking for Anime inspired swords in particular as well as the Kensei sword from the show Heroes.

If you know of any places in South Africa where I can get these swords please let me know.

ANSWER: Hi Moosa,

Wow - you've got me on that one! I really don't know off hand any sword sellers in SA. But that doesn't mean there aren't any...

My advice is to do a google search for 'swords' and set your results to 'pages from South Africa'. If there are any, they should show up.

Otherwise, you might want to consider importing direct from the US. Frieght prices are likely to be as ridiculous as in Australia - so I recommend using a service such as Access USA if you are going to be ordering more than once a year...

(Click here for details on how it works for swords).

Hope this helps and happy googling!

- Paul

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finding kensei sword
by: Anonymous has the heros kensei sword $60

"Dad´s Toys"
by: Anonymous

There is a shop called "Dad´s Toys" at Canal Walk Shopping Center - Milnerton/Cape Town. Maybe it´s worth trying. They certainly have swords and stuff like that, and I guess they can also order from manufacturers.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards, Mike

by: Anonymous

I don't understand completely how does access usa work, do you need an import license?

anime swords
by: Anonymous

Gadget Time in Canal Walk and Tygervalley have what you're looking for, I bought my Kenpachi katana from them.

Sharp Edge
by: Ashleigh

Hey Moosa!

Not sure where you are, but there's a shop in Sandton called Sharp Edge, they have a whole bunch of replica swords :) Hope it helps!

Authentic Smith
by: Malcolm

Hi Moosa, I'm not sure of how old this post is, if you're still interested in getting a sword. There is a smith in Stellenbosch called Marius Titus who produces authentic Japanese swords. He uses traditional methods and produces exceptional quality items.

His blog is inactive, but he is still active in the area.

Avoid Marius Titus (Nostro Swords)
by: Anonymous

Whatever you do, don't buy from Nostro Swords (Marius Titus). He is a thief.

I pad a deposit on a sword over 2.5 years ago and he simply did a runner with the money.

I also have been in contact with another one of his victims. This guy was also taken in the same way.

The guy is a thief and a fraud. Avoid him at all costs.

Sword values
by: Anonymous

Goodday i am looking to get some swords valued how do i go about it i am in Cape Town

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