Spartan Sword replica advice.

by J. Thomas
(Wickliffe, OH USA)

QUESTION: I like the info on your site regarding the spartan sword and where to go to get a decent replica. Since I'm a complete novice, I'd like your take on the following site.

It sounds like it may be quite a nice piece, but I've never bought a sword, and would like some confirmation. Thanks,

J. Thomas

ANSWER: Well, I can only give you a cursory answer as I have never handled it - and essentially feel that it is overpriced for what it is... (I probably won't handle it as it really isn't my cup of tea, and is over the US$300 price point that I generally stick to).

I can't see too many things in the design that can go wrong, and the seller is a good one (after all, they are listed in the Sword Buyers Directory. It looks quite functional overall - though I have no idea how it handles (just looking at it - I would say it would be like any other Falcata - i.e. forward balance, a 'sword/ax' hybrid if you will).

Sorry I couldn't be of more specific help.

- Paul

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