Specific sword repair and cleaning

by Ben
(Greenville, SC, USA)

Hi all, first post here. ive a few swords from a friend that im trying to fix up, first one being a two handed sword. it has several notches, stains on the blade beyond rust, stains on the pommel, guard, etc. I've tried sever ways of cleaning but nothing seems to work. It's not a high quality sword by any means but I essentially want it back to looking good.

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Everything is in our free ebook
by: Paul

Hi Ben,

You can find specific techniques on how to restore the blade and remove the pittings both on our site under the maintenance section here and in our free eBook here

A combination of some metal glo, brasso, abrasive papers and pads etc and some good old fashioned elbow grease using the techniques we describe on our site will get it back to almost as new condition.

Hope this helps.

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