stellar experience

by Atari
(Washington, USA)

The honesty and warm service I experienced with these kind folks came as a welcome surprise. I ordered a 1045 Musashi katana (fantastic beater for a bargain) on a Thursday...and they gave me the Friday shipping discount anyway! When I called to verify if this had been a clerical error, not only was the lady that I spoke to answer on the first ring. SHE WAS A REAL HUMAN PERSON!!! Right off the bat. No voice mail, no frustrating recorded menu, no department transfers. And what courtesy! Very cordial and professional. Check this, they gave me the discount, because my order came in just a few hours before midnight and I was a new customer and what the hey.....the whole thing was so quick I stood stunned. And the best part. My order still came a day early from Georgia to Washington state in 6 days for 5 bucks. What can I say? True Swords fooled me. They took less of my money than they said they would AND gave me a quality product faster than they said they would for less than I can believe I paid for what has become my most prized possession. Buy here. Buy here alot.

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