stunned and awed..

by Rene Munoz
(Vancouver, WA, USA)

I am the proud owner of the "Dragon Fury" katana from the now Musha subdivision of Musaahi(both the box and brass separator plate are labeled as such). I was hesitant, even after seeing this review, to drop the sixty after so many previous dissapointment. However, after 2 months of putting up with constant abuse, both in use and my clumsy initial aesthetic modifications, I am still dumbstruck at the cutting power and durability of the blade(and if you get rid of the fake hamon and give the blade a good four stage polish you will learn the meaning of "Dragon Fury") and how sturdy and elegant the tsuba, mekugis, saya, etc. still are!!!! I'm fairly certain I've found the sword that caries my samurai soul. With proper training and care, it may be the first and last katana an enthusiast in the functional, practical aspect of swords will ever need. Many thanks to SBG for steering a rank amateur in a path to becoming a ferrous conosieur!

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