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by Jimmy
(Indianapolis, IN, USA)

QUESTION: So I was looking around online and discovered a somewhat ridiculous product called the belt sword. Basically, it's a fairly flexible blade concealed lengthwise along a belt that can be deployed quite rapidly. It seems questionable, but the claimed material of 1075 or 1095 carbon make it less so. I was wondering if there was any chance you could review the product in question?

ANSWER: Hi Jimmy,

I've seen these online, but unfortuntaley (or kind of fortunately, as I am not really that interested in them) they aren't something that is legal here in Australia, so I actually wouldn't be able to get my hands on one even if I wanted to... :-(

- Paul

Here is a link to the product's website:



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by: Curtis W. Koehler

Certainly the BeltSword Weapon System is not for everyone. Generally those that are into martial arts, military and law enforcement purchase the system. Quality is #1 and all parts are overbuilt.

The RazorSwords are made from the highest quality 1075 or 1095 high carbon spring steel with an HRC 55-57. (About as hard as a KaBar knife)

The concept is simple; however that does not equate to “easy to invent”. Several years of research went into development; currently the system is being tested by US Special Operations in the Middle East.

Even the lighter RazorSwords (that are stored in the BeltSword Weapon System) can crush a person skull. We now have a patent pending laminating system that creates a heavyweight RazorSword. A moderate strike from even a totally dull blade will have bone crushing effect. Make it razor sharp and you will “disarm” your enemy.

I study Escrima (Philippine art of stick fighting) and have done a brief study under a world sword expert. To the US Military in Special Operations the BeltSword Weapon System is no joke. Believe me; you do not wish to be on the receiving end of an expert in Escrima wielding a razor sharp RazorSword. Especially since you will not even see it coming; yes it is deployed lightning fast.

Very respectfully, Curtis W. Koehler (Inventor)beltswords@wi.rr.com

belt sword
by: Daniel Singa

Hi Jimmy I have seen the picture of this sword is a flexible blade that can create like belt. This one seem very interesting there are drawing like mountain and stars on both side of the top blade. the hand grip/handle when you detached them it has a green jade inside with a pc of cloth note written in I don't know look like japanese, korean, chinese not sure. If you are interested I can show you the picture of it. If interested email me at danielsinga@gmail.com

by: RazorMan

The only real BeltSword is made by RazorRazor Company. Their systems are being used by elite law enforcement and US Special Operatons. Just go to www.RazorRazor.com - Below is an article written by the President of ITTA; an international counter terrorism training organization - here in the US.

“The Art of Success” - Appear to be a cryptogram while operating in a directed way to penetrate enemy vulnerability and weaknesses.”
John Boyd “Patterns of Conflict”

This article seeks to display the contemporary innovations of Curtis W. Koehler; whose tools are in the tradition of covert weapons. He began his quest to improve survivability with edged weapons and concealment systems in 1998. This journey has led him to study metallurgy and to experiment endlessly, in a long period of trial and error, which led to a range of rapidly deployable and highly concealed knives and swords from behind the worn belt.

He has received considerable attention and inside acclaim from within elite US Law Enforcement units and the military SOF community. These unique tools are filling an important niche and are carried by career practitioners here in the US and in hostile environments overseas.

The daggers and sheathing systems created and advanced by Koehler originally came at the calling of an elite narcotics unit conducting regular undercover operations. The current product was developed with specific input and guidance from that Narcotics Bureau. His concealed belt sword system has spent time in Afghanistan where it has been worn operationally by SOF members up to 18 hours a day. He has received kudos for his efforts from now retired US FBI Special Agent Robert Taubert who was instrumental in the development of HRT and acted as agency liaison for many US Special Operations units.

The knife systems advanced by Curtis meets the zero compromise criteria imposed by covert operations and meets professional standards for time critical deployment under emergency conditions. This system will reliably enable sub-second deployment of a knife under stress.

Aaron Cunningham is the acting President of the International Tactical Training Association and a lifetime practitioner and noted instructor of edged weapon tactics and training. ITTA conducts international training – counter terrorism measures. Mr. Curtis W. Koehler may be contacted at creative@wi.rr.com. (414) 303-3000 Web Site: www.RazorRazor.com

Complete Article – The Link: http://www.bluetoad.com/article/Covert+Tools/1491645/0/article.html

by: Curtis W. Koehler

I wonder if the Australian government would permit you to own the new "Apex Predator Class" – a concealed RazorMachete – 26" to 36".

Manufactured with computer controlled heat treated and tempered high carbon 1075 or 1095 spring steel. Each blade is Pre-Stressed with our proprietary process – creating an Ultra-high Performance Blade.

To fine tune balancing – the blade is able to go through simple ShapeShifting a "minor metamorphosis" in which the blades changes shape...in seconds while in the field.

The Apex Predator Class can change from a Serpentine Curve to a Katana Curve and back again. This is done by reversing the position of the blade in our patented flexible linked steel containment system.

The new and totally concealable Apex Predator Class - RazorMachete should out cut any other machete on the market - the RazorMachete is guarantee for life against catastrophic failure. (Not only a great tool - but the only invisible machete system that can be instantly deployed in a CQB situation)

Very respectfully, Curtis W. Koehler
CEO – "Chief Edged Officer"
Designers of Covert Edged Weapon Systems
Proudly Made in the United States of America

"Urimi": or inter alia, "Ethunu Kaduwa".
by: Anonymous

For your edification, 'the Real Belt Swords' were being used centuries if not thousands of years ago in south India and Sri Lanka, well before even the birth of the United States!

Sad that you are attempting to mislead readers by purporting to be the creators of the weapon and/or the concept, and not giving due credit to its origins: the source of your inspiration!!


by: Curtis W. Koehler

Quoted from other posting
"For your edification, 'the Real Belt Swords' were being used centuries if not thousands of years ago in south India and Sri Lanka, well before even the birth of the United States!"

Following written by Curtis W. Koehler – www.RazorRazor.com inventors of the BeltSword

First the Urumi is not even a sword; although some attempt to classify it as such…it is a metal whip. Second I have spoken to sword experts all over the world; they tell me that they are unable to find a historical real and viable battle ready BeltSword. They were a toy, novelty, or someone’s poor attempt to create a battle ready BeltSword that did not work. It would be like someone having the idea of a "belt-shotgun"; just strapping a shotgun around your waist does not make it a "belt-shotgun". Again strapping wings to your back and jumping off a cliff does not qualify you as the inventor of the airplane.

There are Five factors about a real functioning BeltSword - 1) That you can wear it with just a pair of jeans or even shorts and no one can see it. 2) That the blade has enough structural integrity to cut tree limbs as well as a machete. 3) The ability to thrust well into or completely through a human torso. 4) Overall length of at least 31-inches to 36-inches. 5) Able to crush concrete blocks – testing for blade integrity – with little or no damage to the blade.

Historically some did wrap a sword around their waist; but it remained bent after it was deployed, and it was near impossible to conceal. If you know anything about metallurgy thousands of years ago; consistent spring steel with the hardness and grade needed to perfect a battle ready BeltSword would have been nearly impossible.

Some have wrapped a band-saw blade like material and called it a BeltSword – sorry not buying that!

So I will be willing to pay anyone $500.00 to show me a historical battle ready BeltSword that have the above 5 characters of the RazorSwords that fit into our patented BeltSword Weapon System. Yes I will agree that people have tried to make a viable BeltSword; just like the transporter in Star Trek…everyone knows about it…but no one can produce a real working model.

Please go to www.RazorRazor.com and click on contact to reach me – send us proof – collect $500.00

Very respectfully, Curtis W. Koehler – CEO "Chief Edged Officer"

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