sword blanks

by Michael, G,Henschel
(Middleburg, FL USA)

QUESTION: Hi its Michael again.

Here's another question for yall. Where in the world can I buy a cheap sword blank. And for yall who dont know what a sword blank is. Basicaly its a sword that has nothing on it, its a hunk of metal in the shape of a sword.

I personally make handles for sword (not very good at it but it gets the job done) I would realy ap[reciate it if yall could tell me a good web site for cheep sword blanks.

once again thank you for all your help

Michael, G,Henschel

ANSWER: Hi Michael,

Actually, I am not aware of any manufacturers who really sell sword blanks...

Some US and Canadian sword makers would likely be able to do one for you if you asked. You could try for example BKS (Baltimore Knives and Swords), Darksword Armoury, Starfire, Badger Blades, Valentine Armoury, etc - but I am not aware of anyone commercially producing them for the hobby market.

Though someone should!

- Paul

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sword blanks
by: Anonymous


The place has a ton of damascus steel blades,never bought from him though.

sword blanks
by: Anonymous

i know that hanwei sells sword blanks now ( for european swords)
and u can find damascus blanks at bythesword.com

41" damascus viking blade from ancientarms
by: Anonymous

Blew me away when I received it.It will need a little work near the tip as a tapered blade would make these swords really look great. The tang has lots of meat and the Koftgariis work is very neat. For the price you get a great blade to work with.

sword blank/bare blades
by: Anonymous

Hi all, after a long search I contacted huawei, they made me a blade according to my specs, in 9260 steel, polished and sharpened and shipped to US for 90$. Shoot an email at Jacky (is a she) sophie.chenyan@gmail.com, ask for a quote for the kind of blade you want, they also do western blades upon request. I am satisfied with mine and looking forward to making new orders, as soon as I have some extra bucks.

Kult of athena
by: Anonymous

Kult of athena also has a wide selection of sword blanks.

by: Nolan

http://www.albion-swords.com Has a full selection of sword blanks. Some of them are on the expensive side though

I buy sword blanks on line
by: Anonymous

When I want to make a new sword, I have a few ways to do it. sometimes I go to one of the knife makers sight and buy the length and width I need. the one I go to measures it by the foot and if you get a three or four foot length, It comes in one three or four foot piece. This can of course be a little spendy. Now for short swords and big knives , I now have built a small forge from a youtube sight. Pretty easy and cheap. I find there are some places that sell old/surplus lawn mower blades... easy to straighten out with the forge. And I go from there. Lawn mower blades are thick and strong. they make really good blades. good luck, I hope you have some fun with making swords.

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