Sword Breakage

by Istvan Csizmeg
(Hungary, Budapest)

QUESTION: I have a high carbon steel katana. I have broke it cutting carton paper block. Without telling the producer and blaming them (as they will replace it for me) I'd like to ask your opinion from this distance :-)

Was it a weakness of the blade or I was cutting too hard object or I am very strong :-)

best regards Istvan

ANSWER: Hi Istvan,

Ow - that's not good. You broke it cutting cardboard? Hmm, well - cardboard is usually only damaging to the edge of the sword (blunts quicker than normal) and causes scratching. Unless you were cutting a ridiculous amount of boxes in one go - I would say it is a fatal flaw in the way the sword was forged....

Not good at all - I'd be wary of who made these swords, it is extremely dangerous if it happens again...

Stay safe over there... (I'm a bit worried actually, please email me privately so I can know which brand this is)...


- Paul

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Swordsman opinions requested
by: Istvan

Dear Other Swordsman,

Did you have a similar issue cutting hard objects or any objects? Who has experience with broken high carbon steel Katana? I was cutting a ridiculous amount of cardboard in this case as Paul mentioned. It was a cc 30cm wide. I did not want to cut them through in 2 piece just wanted to test my Katana.

Regards Istvan

by: K. T.

Hi Istvan,
I am really concern. Is it WKC Practical Dragonfly??? I'm asking because I have a WKC Practical Katana with the same tsuba. If yours the same as mine I have to be very very careful or maybe hang it on the wall:-(

Contact me
by: istvan


If you want to have more info regarding the hitted object contact to me on csizen@freemail.hu


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