Sword forge from Argentina.

by Agustín La Vía
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

QUESTION: Hi Paul, first of all, thanks for all the work you took making this site and gathering all this information. I'm from Argentina, and we have a good LOTR and fantasy swords forge in Rosario. Their website is www.espadasmedias.com.ar. I know this people and they make serious swords, not just wallhangers. Have a look, I might be able to review a sword or two from them for this site.

ANSWER: Hi Agustin,

Wow - they look pretty good, and always great to see some handcrafted swords in the more unrepresented 'mass market' categories.

I wasn't able to find any references to prices or availability, but feel free to extrapolate below - and would love to see a review, always on the lookout for something new! ^_^


- Paul

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