Sword gauntlets

by Gary

QUESTION: I'm interested in finding some Indian sword gauntlets, A weapon used to devastating effect by the Mughals back in the day. I look around the net but I cannot find a single swordsmith who manufactures replicas or even beaters. Any suggestions?

ANSWER: Hey Gary,

I know the ones you mean - Vajramusti - perhaps the meanest knuckle dusters the world has ever seen...! ;-)


Hmm, definitely not something that I know where to find as a replica off hand - indeed, they are not particularily well known outside of India...

But know that you know what they are called, you might be able to track 'em down...

Though I am thinking you might have to go custom in the end though - or take a trip to India, it is literally a dying art, but there are still a handful of people over there who practice it...

Good luck!

- Paul

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by: Gary

I was actually referring to the Pata weapons which are similar to katars but the advice is still useful. thank you.

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