Sword makers, reliability

by Elijah
(Lincoln, Ne, USA)

I'd like to know if Tommysword on eBay is any good. I want a good t10 tool sword. I'm particularly interested in the color scheme on its tsuba and also it's saya, otherwise I'd purchase a ryujin, here's the link http://m.ebay.com/itm/FULL-TANG-HANDMADE-JAPANESE-SAMURAI-KATANA-SWORD-T10-CLAY-TEMPERED-SHARP-BLADE-/391323440881?nav=SEARCH

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A mixed bag..
by: Paul

Ebay really still is like the wild west when it comes to swords and is fraught with issues and somewhat shady business practices..

For example, some sellers will ask you to submit 5 star feedback BEFORE they ship the sword, others ban you from buying their products for asking sensible questions (especially if you express some actual knowledge of Katana), mistakes and errors are extremely common and often with little recourse (even if you could ship it back to China, which you can't as Chinese red tape will see it confiscated at the border, it would could a small fortune out of your pocket to do so) and any customization can delay shipment by months or in some cases, years.. (plus, communication tends to stop once they have your money).. That said, sometimes you can get lucky - but usually it is a roll of the dice..

This sword in particular - well, it looks ok - but there are some things that ring alarm bells, calling it a "Samurai Ninja Sword", saying it is 1095 carbon steel on the certificate but T10 in the description, the ito is non alternating from what I can see - these make me question if the seller really knows what they are handling and selling..

If you do go for this sword, my advice would be do NOT submit feedback until you actually have the sword, ask questions clarifying their inspection, QC and return policies and DON'T select any customizations as they are usually not done right and can take forever..

Look to youtube for proof of maker
by: Anonymous

I was given a link sometime ago and it took me to youtube where a video was shown about where all eBay. Sword manufacturers get there materials and how the work is done. Its all random makers and shotty work. I bought a custom from ryan swords and it came mounted crooked. Stick with a trusted forge. You can find the same mounting as they all use them.

Very True and..
by: Paul

The way it works is that large sword brands/importers get the best swords and the forges do their best work for them simply because they order hundreds of swords at a time. The ebay sellers are almost all part timers and locals (most are actually female pretending to be a man over the anonymity of the interwebz) who speak some English and who get the leftovers.. Many claim to be swordsmiths or own the forges, but the real forges don't bother with individual customers and don't speak English either..

Sometimes you get lucky with them, but most of the time, trying to save a few bucks you end up with garbage and are stuck with it..

I have lost count of the number of times these sellers promise the world, say yes to every customization, and ship something nothing even remotely close to what you ordered and agreed upon.. Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware!

by: Elijah

I'll be sure to steer clear of EBay for swords unless I need a cheap prop. I appreciate you guys taking the time to Give such thorough replies.

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