Sword Memes

Sword Memes - if you are a collector you have probably seen some good ones. But here is a the ultimate collection of the very best and funniest (family friendly) sword memes.

Good clean fun, feel free to liven up your posts on the forum with one at the appropriate time.

Funniest Sword Memes

Sword addiction? What addiction..? This one speaks for itself..

Yes the pen may well be mightier than the sword, but only on paper..

This technique is actually described in several fechtbuchs (sword manuals) from the medieval period.. Obviously you would not use a razor sharp sword in this way, and some are rather skeptical of this technique - including the late sword scholar Hank Reinhart, who did indeed wonder if they were doing it wrong..

The theory is that by using it this way, the sword becomes like a mace - but I don't know - I tend to agree with Hank..

Another meme that only HEMA practitioners will fully appreciate - Joachim Meyer was a famous 16th century German sword fighter and wrote several treatises on swordplay that are researched to this day.

If I had a dollar for every time I have seen this debate on the internet I would be a very rich man indeed.. Just - Stop - It. Please.. We all know the Samurai would win.. (just kidding!).

Speaking of Ninjas and Pirates, did you notice that there is a Ninja in EVERY picture in this collection? No. Well, if you did, they wouldn't be very good Ninjas now would they..

There are quite a few sword memes with this theme and the caption 'drive me closer, I want to him them with my sword'.. Always gives me a good chuckle.

Between them, I am pretty confident that if Aragorn and Boromir teamed up they would stand a chance against Chuck Norris.. Well, maybe..

Can't argue with that one..

The Highlander movies about immortals fighting each other with swords until just one remains has spawned quite a few funny Sword memes. I guess they cut this scene from the original movie because it was too graphic..

Like a lot of sword collectors just starting out really, This dog really does need to visit SBG before someone gets hurt..

Who says swords aren't still useful in the 21st century! If you are curious how they are made, there is a video on YouTube here for that and you can pick up the Japanese ones in a variety of colors here at amazon!

The exaggerated stories of what a Japanese Katana can cut through have spawned a its fair share of playful sword memes. This is one of my favorites.

Another Fechtbuch classic that actually doesn't make all that sense if you over-analyze it. But at first glance it brings a chuckle..

Don't worry, everyone thinks they are like the one on the left until they find out it is the correct terminology for a 'suspension system'..

Many sword enthusiasts don't respect Fencing very much - but its actually a pretty awesome sword sport. Maybe not as awesome as Kendo or Hema though, though the next meme is a bit rough..

Hmmm, it's funny because it is true - guess Chivalry isn't all that we think it is cracked up to be..

There are quite a few variations of this meme, but this one with Arnie striking a classic pose with the Atlantean Sword is one of the best.

The classic '300' movie spawned a ton of hilarious sword memes. So many that it is hard to take the movie seriously anymore..!

Sir Grumpsalot is not amused..

I have no idea about the origins of this one. I am pretty sure that someone made it up, but the next one..

If Busta Rhymes bought a Buster Sword..

Popular YouTuber Skallagrim started the king of all sword memes when he commented on the image in a Fechtbuch (towards the end apparently) which shows a detached pommel being used to end him rightly - and the internet did what it does and turned it into a meme. This is the video that started it all.

Okay, I won't comment on the historical accuracy of this in that the Arabian sword is actually Persian and the Mongolion Sword a Chinese Dao (oops, sorry) - but the keyboard warrior sword - yes, CAPS LOCK! GOT TO LOVE THOSE KEYBOARD WARRIOR POSTS WHERE THEY SHOUT DO NOT USE PUNCTUATION OR FULL STOPS AND THE WHOLE THING IS JUST AN ANGRY WALL OF TEXT THAT IS REALLY HARD TO READ.

The famous scene of the Black Knight (who always truimphs) against King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail has spawned more than its fair share of sword memes.

I hope that at least one of these sword memes made you chuckle a little. To return to the About Us page from Sword Memes, click here

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