Sword Sale in Australia

QUESTION: Hi paul,

Why don't you keep stock of the swords you sell here in australia, that way, fans in australia canbuy direct from u. For example, we cannot get the cheness o kanatna here.



I do sometimes get the swords in on request, but there are two main reasons why I don't stock them.

The first is space - our house is crowded enough with swords for the reviews, and there isn't really anywhere to keep stock.

And the second is that with GST, import duties, random customs inspections (and ridiculous charges), freight costs and more - I would have to sell them for double the normal price just to avoid making a loss... (the government seriously doesn't understand the mechanics of international business, that is for sure. If you can, it's a LOT cheaper to import yourself than to buy local - PERIOD!).

So yes, I do bring some in from time to time - but only on request.


- Paul

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The costs of retailing
by: Caleb

$450.00 CAD for a PPK? $350 CAD for a Practical Katana? You gotta be kidding me. But that's what they sell at House of Knives. Granted, they're making ridiculous profits, but still, I'm sure a lot of the cost goes into renting a location in a mall, hiring staff, logistics, etc... That's simply what happens when you try to retail (as opposed to wholesale? Because that's kinda like what we're doing w/ internet orders). Keep in mind that if Paul is stocking for us, he SHOULD and WILL be compensated, thus increasing the price. So if retailing jumps a PPK to $450.00 (without tax) even in such a ~free trading~, international sales-minded country like Canada, just think how expensive it will be in Austrailia! I think Paul's quote of ~twice as expensive as if you order it yourself~ is probably an UNDERestimate.

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