Sword school in Ames, Iowa

(Ames, Iowa, USA)

I live in Ames, Iowa and am a student of Iowa state university. I want to take sword fighting lessons and I was wondering if you could tell me which school is best near my place. It has always been my dream to sword fight and so your answer would help me take one step towards it.

Thank you!

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There are quite a few good options..
by: Paul

Hi Carol,

You didn't specify which type of sword fighting you are interested in taking lessons in. Generally speaking, sword schools in Japanese swordsmanship tend to be more common. There is a good one for this in Ames, Iowa that teaches Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu (quick drawing the sword) here - James Williams from the Bugei Trading company was a guest Sensei this year, and they have a good reputation as a serious school.

Shinkendo is another popular Japanese sword training school, there is/was one based at the Iowa university, there contact details are provided on the Shikendo website here

Depending on your interest, there is also a fencing academy in Iowa here - the principles learned can be expanded into Historical European Martial Arts.

Speaking of which, you can use the following map created by the ARMA (Association for Renaissance Martial Arts) to find HEMA groups in Iowa or anywhere else in the world actually. Their map can be found on their main site here

Hopefully this will be enough to point you in the right direction. Additional general info on sword fighting can also be found right here at SBG.

Enjoy the Journey!
Best wishes,
- Paul Southren

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