Swords of Might - Any good?

by John

QUESTION: Is swords of might a good site? I was looking at their stuff and they seemed to have good katanas.

ANSWER: Short answer - not too bad..

I've had quite a few dealings with Jason at Swords of Might and he is a nice guy. Sometimes he slips up on customer service or gets upset at a customer if he feels they are being unreasonable, but if you treat him right he will do the same..

His prices are certainly competitive. Anyway, he has been in the business for years and overall his store is a safe place to buy swords.


- Paul

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Good stuff
by: Abarm Rees

Its one of my top ten weapon sights for low price high quality swords

Swords of Might are liars and thieves
by: Lex Wills

Swords of Might REFUSED TO REFUND after they sent my order to the WRONG COUNTRY, a week after I canceled it, then DELETED all evidence of our conversation on Facebook.

Over a month ago I placed an expedited 1-3 day order with Swords of Might for nearly $250. I made this order on holiday with a week and a half to spare, so asked them in the order to please contact me if, for some reason, this 1-3 day order was going to take longer than a week and a half. It took 3 weeks.

Their entire communications system was apparently down, which they say is the reason for not responding to any of my phone calls, emails, their "Contact Us" page, etc throughout the week and a half I was still in the country. I can understand this, but even AFTER their communications problems were fully resolved they still refused to respond to my emails. I did receive a total of one email saying they were sorry for the delay, and asking if I'd like to cancel my order and get a refund, to which I said yes, but then followed a further two weeks of no communication at all, with my increasingly desperate emails asking where the refund was and what was going on, all going unanswered.

In desperation, I posted on their Facebook page asking for someone to PLEASE respond to my emails and tell me when I would be receiving the refund I agreed to two weeks ago. Their response was to tell me that, one week after I canceled the order, they sent it anyway. They then refused to even listen to me telling them, repeatedly, that I was no longer in the country, could not possibly have received the order as it had been shipped to a holiday address, and I could not possibly know what happened to the order given that, as said, I was no on the other side of the world to the address they shipped it to! These things may seem obvious, but apparently not to Swords of Might, who continued to insist that it was my responsibility to locate their lost order for them and send it back, refusing to give me a refund until I did so. This was also the only dialogue I've thus far been able to have with them, until they stopped responding there as well, then deleted the conversation from their wall!

Due to the magic of screenshots, you can still read the conversation here:

Deleted Facebook conversation:

Original conversation screenshots:

You can also read their latest responses, which were prompted NOT by any of my posts, but by this review posted on their Facebook site. Their response, predictably, was to continue to insist that they'd done nothing wrong, and that it is MY fault they sent the order to the wrong address, before blocking me from posting on my own review:¬if_t=open_graph_action_comment

So in short: it took them 3 weeks to send a 1-3 day order, by which point I was no longer in the country. They asked if I wanted a refund and to cancel the order, then a week after I agreed they sent the order anyway, to the wrong address. And all of this is apparently my fault, and my responsibility to fix for them, and even though they insist they're not at fault they still deleted the whole conversation from Facebook, disabled all customer reviews, and deleted at least two other customer's comments calling them liars and thieves

It has been over a month and I have absolutely nothing to show for the $250 I spent, and Swords of Might refuses to refund me for the order they sent to the wrong address a week after I canceled it. I am having my bank reverse the charges on account of me never receiving the items. One irony is that, while they've sent me a total of one email in the last month, I've received no less than 6 automated emails asking me if I want to review my purchases at Swords of Might, purchases I never received.

This has been the single worst shopping experience of my entire life. Swords of Might's customer service is absolutely revolting. They refuse to answer emails or phone calls, to update you to anything, can't even keep track of what orders are canceled or not, and if they make a mistake and lose your order, then they won't refund you or even listen to you, and will delete all evidence that the mistake ever happened.

The really sad thing was, this was meant to be a birthday present for me and my wife.

Happy Birthday, from Swords of Might

by: Anonymous

Yeah, I received half of one order, and the half I got was the wrong item and... it was defective! So far swords of might owes me over $100 in unspent items and that doesn't include the defective crap they did send me. No response to emails, phone or tickets or Facebook. My students want to go on a road trip from my dojo to the shop in PA but I am discouraging that, I am perplexed by this as I ha e spent much money in the past in many orders to them with no problems, but this time it's gone very very wrong.

To anyone having issues!
by: Anonymous

We urge you to please contact us at Swords of Might. We are here to help! You may email us from our site or call us at 1-855-479-6737 from 10 AM to 4 PM EST.

Never again
by: Jake D

I had no issue with Swords of Might previously. I had never done business with them and had heard mixed reviews. So when I (broke student and beginning SCA fencer) needed an affordable rapier within a few weeks before a major local SCA event where I would be fighting in my first tournament, my friend was being taken as a Provost, and I was being taken on as a Cadet to one of the premier Masters of Defense in our kingdom (nerdy, I know), I jumped on their deal for a Hanwei practical rapier. It was all I could afford and was too good to pass up on. So after being charged and waiting a week and a half I got a bit concerned and called them up. Oh yeah, our bad, we don't actually have it in stock and won't for at least five weeks. Maybe it's just me, but if I were running a business I'd either note out of stock items under the item description or tell a customer what the issue was ASAP. Thanks guys, you ruined my upcoming event. This has happened to several other SCA fencers locally. We're not a huge group around here so there must be a problem. That was the last time I ever even browse Swords of Might.

by: Anonymous

If you believe you are the victim of fraud or have been scammed
by: Anonymous

After reading numerous posts, it seems like a lot of folks have experienced non-delivery of merchandise. This is a common type of internet fraud. You can read more about it on the following FBI pages.

I'm still not certain if this business is just an elaborate scam or if they are just slow to process orders. There are so many mixed reviews at both ends of the spectrum, but things don't seem quite right.

For those of you who have not received merchandise or have not gotten refunds, you can file a complaint on the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

I hope this information finds you well.

To all readers
by: Swords of Might

As we have said many times in many posts please call us or email us at and we will be happy to assist you! We have had an overwhelming increase in business over the last year and have been adding more hell to deal with the influx of business.

We ask that you please contact us when you have any questions about an order or our products.

by: Hugh Sovik

A shout-out to all my HEMA brothers and sisters. I highly suggest you shop very carefully with a company known as Swords of Might. Without getting into unnecessary details I have been trying for almost two weeks now to get a simple return merchandise authorization and pre-paid UPS label for a CLEARLY DAMAGED item from IMPROPER PACKAGING (with photos of the damaged item sent to them from the beginning) and have run into a brick wall of both indifference and outright incompetence with their customer (mis)service department.

While they seem to have some real bargains, I highly suggest you only buy with a true credit card so your purchase may be "disputed" if you run into a similar problem and must force their hand since I am convinced that is the only way you will get anything done with those folks.

Just remember you often get exactly what you pay for. In other words what would tease beginning paratroopers with while a young jump master: "We get the very finest equipment we can find from the lowest bidder. Now GO!!!"

That is all...

Carry on!

Dear Hugh,
by: Swords OF Might

We have on three separate occasions sent you a return label for your items. (Including one just yesterday) We are also wiling to mail you a copy of your return label. We will continue to try reaching out to you to get your issue resolved.

Swords of Might Continued...
by: Hugh Sovik

THE LATEST NEWS: After far too much confusion I finally got an RMA and pre paid UPS shipping label from them and will advise if they follow through in an appropriate manner.



Swords of Might Scam
by: Kincross

As others said, Swords of Might, Jason is a scam. Items not in stock, partial shipments, charges card for items he doesn't have, months late and as with any good scam doesn't communication. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

I must be the luckiest dog
by: Cardog

Well I read all the bad reviews and I guess it is true , I have made 4 orders and have had no problems and the products were exactly what I ordered and were great products . I try and make a point to give a good review for good service and products which I have always received from swords of might . I have spent a few hundred dollars with them and as long as I keep getting the service and products I have already gotten them I will keep ordering from them ...

I am a car salesman so customer service is a big dead for me and I do punish bad service with bad reviews because I have gotten them before also ..

I hope this helps people who are considering purchasing from swords of might .

Do not buy from them
by: Darrin B

I ordered a sword set and Kama from Swords Of Might on April 24 2016 and money was posted on my credit card for the order. Three weeks later And several phone calls I have not received my order. This website is a scam

Hello Darrin B
by: Swords of Might

I will be happy to look into your order for you! Can you email me at Jason (at)

does not perform, is undependable
by: waltznjack

I ordered sword parts for my katana on 6/14/2016 and paid with a credit card. Was charged for two day USPS delivery. Today is 6/23/2016 no merchandise, no answers to my emails, and no one available to take my call. I finally left message to return my call or else I would do a charge back on credit card. This did last night with my credit card company.

This is either a scam or else the worst customer service in the world but judging what others have written I wonder if it's not a scam. I just want my money back. I should have checked with SBG before doing business with this reprobate website.

does not perform, is undependable
by: Waltznjack

I submitted a post on Swords of Might which has yet to be shown on this page. I finally receive order which was incorrect. I was missing a seppa, and the tsuka was the wrong length. I had ordered two seppas at $3.00 a piece but only got one. After several hours of work on the tsuka to make it my blade which it would have had it been the correct length. The tsuka was very nicely done but it was 10 inches core length and I had ordered a 10.5 inched tsuka core.

Anyway I notified the credit card company I had received the order, finally, 10 days from when it was ordered (on a two day delivery by USPS). I was advised that since there was a lot of difficulty with merchant communication to keep payment suspended until merchant contacted me to arrange for some redress. When this happens he will receive full payment less any redress.

Still no contact from them.
by: Matt B

Its been over 2 1/2 since i placed my order. Never received a conf. email but.....of course they charged my credit card.

For three days I've been trying to contact them on their message board via the website and phone calls.

No return emails and no one ever answers the phone.

I'll be disputing the charge on my credit card.

Incapable of resolving issues
by: Craig

Originally, I ordered a variety of items including throwing knives from them. A few days after I paid, they contacted me saying one of the items was out of stock and asked whether I would like to cancel that part or wait for it to ship later.

I said shipping it separately was fine.

A couple months later it still hadn't shipped, and when I checked the site it was indeed still out of stock.

A couple months after THAT, I checked again to find they had discontinued the item altogether without bothering to tell me.

When I pointed this out and wanted my money back, they said the order was too old to do a refund, which wasn't exactly my fault. I had to settle for store credit. So I ordered a different item; a more expensive damascus boot knife this time. Took more than a week to process, but finally shipped.

The night it arrived, I unboxed it and everything was going well until I looked at the actual blade. It was pointing at a slight angle away from spine because the bevel was different on each side. If you were to try to cut straight with it, the edge wouldn't be right on the surface.

When I looked closely, I also discovered a dent on the back edge and two very small chips out of the side. It was clear that this knife had either been made by a complete amateur, or was meant for display only, which should have been noted on the product page.

I immediately sent in a complaint with pictures, but instead of helping me Jason just said "If you need to return it here's the link to that part of the site." Turns out, the returns form doesn't work. Every time I tried to submit it it would say "Item(s) may require additional action. Please call us at this number."

The number listed seems to be out of service, as it would ring once and then go silent.

So I tried calling the normal service line, but three days in a row it was busy every time I called.

I'm getting extremely frustrated at this point and have to send another email through their online form. I let them know everything that was going on and hoped for someone to try to fix it.

Instead, the only reply back was "When did you order? We don't take returns after 30 days." This is when there was still a WEEK left before the timeframe was up.

He didn't even bother to look up the order number. At this point there's nothing else I could do, and it was clear that they felt comfortable ignoring me until the deadline.

I will avoid Swords of Might from now on, and hopefully I can resell my crap knife as a display item.

no problem with my order. happy customer
by: Anonymous

Googled sources to purchase my new knife. Swords of Might came up with low price.

I ordered with credit card. After order, I thought I better google their reputation and was extremely nervous when reseller ratings had them rated a 2+.

Well, my order was already placed and I decided to wait and see how things went. Swords of Might performed stellar. The shipped my order within a few days, sent me status emails, and delivered within 10 days of my original online order and I'm clear across the country from them (Idaho).

No problems at all. I am writing this review to let folks know that I had a very good experience ordering from this company. I would not hesitate to order again.

by: John

Unfortunately they charged me for an item they didn't have in stock and they don't even know when they'll have it back in stock. 3 weeks now and from what I'm reading I guess they just embezzled my money. Never go with swords of might.

by: Casey's Haven

Web site looks legit, whatever that means...Got a gift card for my son. He was in another country, it was his birthday, I got him a gift card. I had a issue trying to finalize the purchase. Figured must have been a site issue for the moment and was finally able to complete my order. My son got the e gift card! Made me happy! He made a large,(rather tried), over the gift card amount. Wouldn't let him complete the order...Didn't take the money from his account,(the remaining amount), but it took ALL the money off the gift card and so the money I purchase this with is just gone...I have emailed this person. I have called two times today and of course like any good business no one answered the phone and one mailbox was full. The other I was able to leave a message...Emails state you will hear back within 48 hours,lies, you will not!

Just had the misfortune
by: Ben

I can't believe I fell for this company. They state they have things in stock that are not, charge your card anyways, then sit on the transaction for a week after supposedly 'refunding' the amount. I'm reporting them tomorrow if I don't see my card credited today

Scam scam scam, not received my order
by: Anonymous

After 2 weeks still haven't received my order , over $100 ... can't seem to be able to trap my order !! Fake site or just a scam to get your money . My advice is don't use this site , seems like I've been scammed like many many other before me

by: Tony B

I'll be to the point. Placed an order on a sword back on January 27th and still no sign of it.

I emailed their customer service and received a robot response of how the product hasn't "transitioned" from it's other warehouse. That was two weeks ago. It's approaching 30 days as of this comment.I just don't get it.

Even if this place is legit, I wouldn't shop here again. The're other suppliers out there that will have your product to you in 5-7 days, 2 weeks max.

What a waste of time and money this is.If this hits the 45 day mark, I'm going to file a complaint with my home state's consumer protection agency. ..Shame on you Swords of Might...

Total scam
by: E Golden

My order has processed since the 24th of Feb. $265.00 taken out of my account and I am a Disabled Veteran I really do not think they care who they rob. I already contacted the BBB, about to start with Veteran and their own local news agencies, from what I have read above I might just also contact the FBI. Funny thing though they always ask people to call them or email them to help well wow get this I have called the number they have continued to urge people to call 18554796737 straight to voice mail stating they are closed during advertised business hours. No single email response from them at all, total oh we do not do that please let us help act. Also just another FYI the BBB also post their correct address go figure right.

SoM Experience March 2017
by: Hypurr (Mike)

Just purchased the Ryumon Dragon Katana from SoM. I placed my order on 3/14 and received confirmation. After I had already placed my order I ran across this thread and a couple of others ( being one) that warned everyone to stay far away from SoM. I began to worry that the low price, a good bit lower than other vendors, had drawn me in and I might be in for a rough ride with SoM. I almost canceled my order that day.

The very next day I received an invoice and a shipment confirmation with tracking number in two separate emails. My package arrived at work after closing hours on Friday (no fault of SoM) so shipping was quick. I wasn't in the office Monday so here it is Tuesday and I've inspected my package and am totally happy. It was shipped in the factory box and undamaged. The communication was good and shipping was quick.

I know my story doesn't fall in line with many others, but I'm happy with the transaction and very happy with the price and item. Maybe if it wasn't in stock my story would have been totally different.

My advice, just make sure it's in stock there before placing your order and you should be OK. If their site would show current inventory levels I think a lot of the problems with SoM would go away on their own. If you order something and know it's back ordered then you know what you are getting into ahead of time. Another piece of advice for SoM (in case they read this), start accepting Paypal.

GREAT customer service
by: Anonymous

I had ordered from Swords of Might a few years ago, and didn't have as much of a positive experience but clearly things have changed around there. My order of a katana was placed and arrived promptly and in excellent condition. I had a question about a cutting mat, so I emailed their customer service and received a fast and nice reply! I wonder if they are under new management? Things seemed totally different this time around. I would definitely recommend them in the future. Fair pricing, fast shipping, and friendly customer service.

It is Sept 2017 Now
by: Anonymous

How old are these reviews? Generally speaking, companies try to improve over time. Is there any way to find out the date of the reviews?

No Customer Service
by: Anonymous

1) They do not answer their phone.
2) They will not answer any emails regarding your
3) They will not answer direct messages placed on
their website to them about your order.

Other than that...

The last orders I have received
by: Chris

It did not look good at all, they used this waxy glue-like material that was coming off every part of the swords when I received them. Was a mess.

The actual blades of the swords were not straight either. Typical quality from a Japan gift shop you find anywhere.

At least there you can inspect it first, and grab the best looking one.

Shipping took forever, no tracking number for weeks.

They will not contact me back or answer any calls, I have given up.

Even though they seem to be still updating their website and twitter.

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