Swords of the East

by Robert
(Cape Coral, Florida, USA)

I own over fifty swords and I've done about ten thousand dollars in the past two years with Swords of the East. They have great prices and good service. To date I have had no problem with them. The one thing I can say is before I placed an order I contacted SOTE to see if the sword I'm ordering at the time is in stock and if not what would be the wait time, so far they have been honest with me.

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Jan 04, 2018
SOTE is Ryan swords
by: Anonymous

Swords if the east is another ryanswords front. Cheap custom warehouse sword makers. I’m glad you like them, most don’t but for good reason. There are many more actual forges that make far better constructed blades. Look to Huawei on eBay or sword n armory.

Jan 04, 2018
Not sure if that is right
by: Paul

I don't think that this information is correct - Swords of the East sell swords from many reputable brands such as Hanwei, Dynasty Forge, Cold Steel, Thaisuki and specialize in Asian swords, especially Katana.

I think that you may have them mixed up with someone else.

Jan 05, 2018
my swords
by: CR Maresca

L read your comments and to put to rest my swords are not Ryan swords, and second, all my swords that I bought from SOTE range in price from $1000-$3000+. I never said I own swords made in Japan. Could it be that I own more than fifty swords?

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