Take your time!!!

by Bobby Rominger
(Boone, NC, USA)

I have an Accusharp Knife Sharpener (as listed on your website). Without a doubt this thing works INCREDIBLY WELL!!! Its pretty cheap and it doesnt take any knowledge about sword sharpening to get your blade to a sharp and usable edge for test cutting with the Accusharp. However, for a long time I have been sharpening my knifes and swords the wrong way. I have been pushing down fairly hard and going really fast. THATS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT!!!! It messes up the blades geometry and can case minor weaves in the blade from wear you press down to hard. After further reading on this website, I learned that if you just take your time and push lightly you will get MUCH better results on your blade.

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Good to Know
by: Cavan

I just got an accusharp sharpener and was using it like you were previously. Wont be doing that anymore! It does work very well though. It is especially easy to do too.

AccuSharp is pretty powerful.
by: JarrodF

I used one of these to create the edge on my Windlass sword and it definitely has the potential to really mess up a blade's geometry. I used mine to get to the point where a stone could leave the finishing touches on the edge. Some areas were sharper than others and it left some very slight imperfections in the straightness but I've been working to minimize them with stones ever since, turning the edge into more of a rounded Saber grind.

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