tang soo do sword

by Michael, G, Henschel
(Middleburg, FL USA)

QUESTION: Hello,my name is michael, this is the first time I admit trying this, but hey I have tried everything else so why not. I currently practice tang soo do at middleburg martial arts and I'm looking for that perfect sword yet it's always hard to find such a sword. I'm looking for a good sword that has a full tang so it wont fly out and hit someone, and the hard part of finding this sword is I dont nead a katana, I nead a sword with out a curve and dull ,very dull. I would like the tsuba to be an oval tsuba ..Imagine a buck knife hand guard,that kind of shape. Also Im not looking for a so called
"ninja sword" but more of a korean sword. all around a 100$ budget. I have all the confidence that you can help me.

Thank You again for your help and keep up the good work

Michael, G,Henschel

ANSWER: Hi Michael,

The big issue is - no one really makes Korean swords at a low price point, despite the fact that the Korean Martial Arts are extremely popular and there is definitely the demand...

Personally, I am not aware of any company that makes what you are looking for - however if anyone else who reads this one knows, let us know.

Sorry I couldn't be more help - I'm not confident, but hopefully someone else will be able to assist with your quest.

- Paul

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$100 USD, eh?
by: Caleb

I'm using all of my creativity and mental faculities here, please give me some credit even if my effort shall fail...... :

~$15-$50: 1/4" X 1" X 3'steel. Either unhardenable 1018 steel or D-2 Tool Steel from http://www.speedymetals.com. Price includes shipping to Florida. If choosing the former, you do not need heating tools (see below). D-2 is a REALLY hard steel, and generally cannot be heat-treated with a propane torch as listed below. Still, just giving you ideas.
~$40: cheap orbital sander. Used to shape AND polish the blank. Guaranteed to break down quickly at this price point, but should be durable enough to last making at least one sword(If you buy angle grinder instead, it will shape faster, but it really cannot do any polishing work i.e. your sword will be dull) Use glue to attach VARIETY OF GRITS of sandpaper to sander
$1-$5: Sandpaper. Need assortment of grits. Buying large amounts of cheap "assorted" pack from a dollar store strongly recommended. They dull quicker than hardware store brands, but cheaper by FAR
~$20: propane torch kit. Includes both torch and a small amount of propane. Used to heat the shaped blank's cutting edge to red color, after which it must be quenched (e.g. in a bath tub) The small amount of propane allows heating only a small width of the cutting edge, (i.e. do not try to get the whole blade red; you will not have enough propane. Do just the edge) but will suffice if the heat is properly insulated (i.e. do not just heat in open air; surround with blocks of concreate to focus/channel the heat)
~$10: 1/2" woodworking chisel. To make handle. You can buy a plane too, but using just chisel is cheaper
~$0: scrap wood found in places to make handle

total: $70-$120. You'd then just need years of reading forum posts, research and practicing craftsmanship skills. It CAN be done though...

In other words, please just buy a non-Korean sword for now... Don't know how old you are, but as a guy in his mid-20's, I can say that while I didn't have enough money to buy even a $100 Katana just a few years before, I'm now making enough money to buy ~$800 swords. With that money, you have a MUCH higher chance of getting something that you actually want, instead of getting ripped off. (Which I have many times) I'm not saying that $100 swords are crap; some of them are actually really good. But the only reason they can be so inexpensive is because they are in a style that everyone wants i.e. they are MASS produced.

Or, you CAN seriously just follow the above. The non-heat treated version is probably easier. Hope this helps, and ALWAYS keep looking. Cheers.

Aw heck, I can make you one
by: Caleb

I forgot you mentioned that you needed it DULL. In that case, I can probably do it at around $100 USD shipping INCLUDED. I'm thinking either a low-carbon steel blade with very-good finishing, or if you don't mind, an aluminum blade with excellent finishing. (It's to be dull, right?) Made to your specs. Post your contacts if you want to see my portfolio.

note: sorry to solicit sales on your site, Paul. If you demand comissions, I'm well prepared!

straight blades
by: BAMiron

if you're looking for a fairly hard straight blade for around a hundred bucks that you can actually use to practice as you would a korean sword, that is not a ninja style blade, why not look into one of the 'zatoichi" styled swords that are available almost everywhere.......they are really a type of cane sword as there is really no such thing as a "zatoichi" blade or sword........zatoichi was a famous character from the shintaro katsu produced movies from japan which were wildly popular in katsu's lifetime.........we love them and he actually re-vitalized interest in cane swords as a result of the tv shows and the 26 films, portraying the same character.....a record of some sort, i think..........you will have to dull it up yourself however and add the hardware as they don't really come with any sort of hand protection..........most come sharp, such as they are........take a look, they are easy to find and vary a bit in quality.......hanwei makes a few by the way, they are ususally 100 bucks approximately.........we have a few and they are actually very good swords for the money.......maybe, with adjustment, they might fit your criteria.

by: Michael, G,Henschel

Once again thank you everybody for your feedback and paul, i could tell you tried your best and thats all i neaded. caleb im 18(just turned it in aug.) but to no offence to you, i would rather for some odd reason like a sword from a company that deals in that realm.sorry. but while i was away i found a specilty made tang soo do sword in britian but im not goin all that way for a sword.
so if any of yall find a tang soo do sword for sale in the united states please post it.im olmost always on.
once again thank you and yall have a nice day

Michael, G,Henschel

thanks again
by: Anonymous

thanks again for eeverything yall do.

by: Ian

Hi my name is ian and I live in the uk my brother in law makes tang soo do swords for the world tang soo do association if you are interested please feel free to contact me e-mail hunstantontangsoodo@btinternet.com with your details and I will pass them on to him please check out my website www.hunstantontangsoodo.co.uk you will see we practice tang soo do and the swords are well worth looking into

by: Michael G Henschel

Thank you so much!
By any chance is he master khan?
If so tell him "tang soo" for me:)

tang soo do sword
by: Anonymous

ok guys try this site http://www.playwell.co.uk/tang-soo-do-sword-p-3357.html
they sell tang soo do swords

looking for a sword
by: M Hicks

Try this one The HanKook sword
You will love the price and the blade. You can modify it to your own design. It is a Korean Sword. Commes with a nice case also.
Tang Soo

tang soo do
by: Anonymous

100 bucks you will not get a good one

WTSDA Members
by: Anonymous

Since the maker that had created our swords passed away,we have been searching for a Korean Sword Maker. The sites provided are from what I have seen are good. I hope the quality is the same as the wtsda swords.

Korean Sword for practice
by: M Hicks

I have found A Korean sword I think you will like. It is made of aluminum, dulled not sharp, blade is of the korean design, nice guard, nice black sheath and the price is right (under $100.00) see: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=korean+aluminum+sword

I have purchased one and will stick with it.

Korean sword
by: Master Cliff Ott

I had 50 Korean swords similar to your description made. So far I have sold 29 to different masters and black belt students. It took me almost 9 years to find a reputable sword maker. These are very handsome blades and are indeed hand pounded, full tang, straight blades that come semi sharp and dull. Your cost is $550 plus shipping. If you are interested email me koreanswords@gmail.com and I will send you a few pics along with references. Serious inquires only please.

Do not but Playwell sword
by: Anonymous

Do not buy Playwell sword they are cheap and nasty
and they do not have a scabbard
Pay Little more and buy better sword
and they try to copy world tang soo do
Association sword
I have been practising tang soo do
for 40 years
The best sword I have seen is
Gentlemen call master m khan

Thank you
by: Michael H

Thank you sir, this post was quite a while back. I have since personally met Master Khan and i plan on purchasing one of his jan gums. I recently got my E Dan #043195 out of region 21, and sadly i am going to have to take a hiatus as i persue my dream and am enrolled within the jacksonville sherrifs acadamy. But once again thank you and Tang Soo!

Playwell Sword
by: Anonymous

M Khan's sword is the same one from playwell.

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