Ten Ryu (tenryu?)

by Gill

I've been browsing authentic swords. From what I've read here on SBG, a quality authentic katana should range from about 300$ up and that's the low low end of acceptable quality. I've encountered this brand of authentic swords by the name of Ten Ryu at Gibraltar and I can't find anything about it. They're selling them from 75$ used to about 200$ new. This is more in my price range but I don't want to buy a gimmick. Can you tell me anything about this sword manufacturer? All I've found online are good 4 and 5 star reviews and for some reason I'm just skeptical. I'd love your professional opinion :). Thanks.


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Not a gimmick but..
by: Paul

Ten Ryu are basically a selection of generic Longquan made Katana imported and re-branded by Master Cutlery - who are one of the biggest importers and wholesalers of swords and knives in the USA.

here is Ten Ryu on the Master Cutlery site listing the full range and MSRP (but you cannot buy from this site, these listings are for wholesale customers only).

Because Ten Ryu are distributed and owned by Master Cutlery they have a wide network of available retailers and achieved quite fast market penetration. Quality and price will vary wildly depending on WHO you buy Ten Ryu from - so shopping based on price alone could mean what you think looks like a good deal could end up with expensive junk..

The product line itself has various levels, but tend to be either from basic monotempered 1045 carbon steel blades or 1060 carbon steel and are, as you note, typically priced between $75 to $200 depending on the model. Some of the models are, quite frankly, junk - others ok and some reasonably good.

Best to stay away from the Damascus steel swords at this price point unless it is just for display, keep it simple and buy from a seller you know or has a solid rep for QC and fair return policies.

All in all, they are ok - but there are, I feel, better options available at the same price point. The only reason I would personally buy one is if the design is unique enough that it cannot be found anywhere else.

Hope this helps.
- Paul

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