Terrible Customer Service!

My first (and definitely my LAST) experience with KOA was far from pleasant. I placed an order for two items, then a week later emailed customer service to check on the status, since at the time I placed my order both items were listed as In Stock. My email was a short two sentence question simply asking for a status update. Wow! The nasty response I received was unbelievable. The author ended his email with an apology, which the way it was worded was anything but. In amongst the rudeness the only information I was seeking was the explanation that one item was in stock and the other one wasn't. A quick email explaining why Neither item had been shipped would have been great and I could have avoided ANY dealings with them. KOA is in some SERIOUS need of customer service training! These folks have neither the skills nor the competencies required to maintain any sort of customer satisfaction in the event they must deal with people outside of the "click to order" domain. Disgusted with their first email, I promptly let them know I was unhappy, not about my order, but by their treatment and canceled my entire order. After reading many of the scathing responses from KOA to previous disgruntled customers on other Buyers Guide sites, it seems pretty clear that this type of behavior is fairly status quo and perfectly acceptable to this company; either that or their employees REALLY hate their jobs. I wished I would have read many of these reviews before I attempted to order from them. A word of advice; "Put your time, effort and $$$ into a company who actually values its customers just in case, on the off chance, you need to deal with their customer service department." When ordering merchandise online, it's really not that far out of the realm of possibility. Unfortunately, KOA marred my experience before their products ever left the warehouse.

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Apr 03, 2016
Same experience
by: Anonymous

I had the same experience with getting junk. They said it was all "normal", downplayed everything, and told me they were the experts and I was "full of sh**".. yes, they literally said those words. Full of sh*t. Classy.

Mar 15, 2015
me too!
by: Anonymous

kult of athena do have great prices and quality merchandise - but are they stuck in some kind of role playing game where they are the cranky sword seller? They talk down to everyone. Their rudeness should be reported

Jan 04, 2015
Good to know
by: Anonymous

Was about to purchase a wakizashi and decided to check the reviews first. I won'the bother now. Too many other swordsmiths out there that I can buy from.

May 19, 2014
yeah they suck, hated on me too rude and unhelpful
by: patrick

they sent me a used beat up sword as new and they tried to say that swords come that way and I expect too much.. the sword had a chipped blade, fatty denting from being in a vise too tight and rusty fingerprints from being handled and then not oiled and put away... Im like 99% sure they went out of their way to send me that junk because at check out where you can leave a lil note I asked for the nicest looking 1 of their stock... so of course some loser over there sends me the worst 1 he could find... and just like you I got a big hater insulting rude email basically telling me I know nothing they know every thing and to just trust them that my used beat up sword was new and all swords come chipped with dents in the blade and rusty fingerprints... of course I have like 40+ swords that don't have any of that old and used by me let alone supposedly new... I also have 3 of the windlass cobra steel line that all came nice.. so its not the brand either.. it was just that 1 sword... Im with you.. they got a great rep for being cool way back in the day but they ant cool now... supper shady I hope they go under and they will never see a cent from me again...

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