QUESTION: Have you heard of and have you tested the swords from The Shinwa company???

ANSWER: Hi Mark, nice to hear from you - hope you and your family are keeping well. :-)

I haven't personally tested any of the Shinwa swords, and to be honest, don't really plan to - though I would be happy to accept any reviews from anyone else who does.

I have heard enough about them to seriously doubt their integrity - seems too much money spent on the marketing and not enough on the blades...

Maybe someone will show me it is different down the track. But right now, sorry - but they aren't my cup of tea...

Talk to you later and take care.

Kindest Regards,

- Paul


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Shinwa Noble warrior
by: Anonymous

Noble Warrior tests Ok in light cutting. That may be its limit. We are working with one.

We will be trying out a lot of lower budget and mid budget swords.

NKS Swords Shihans2002@yahoo.com or NorwellKarate@Aol.com. See www.shiningpeace.com

J. Diaz

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