Thaisuki. Should or shouldnt i?

by Brett cost

Someone talk me out if buying a thaitsuki katana. I have the money for one and saw one I really like at kult of Athena for just over 2k. I like citadel but its hanwei and I have hanweis so Im looking for something different. I also don't like the shortness of the citadel handles. 9" is like a one handed weapon for me. After handling a 14" handle the balance and ease of the snap return is wonderful. Also using that size makes everything else feel too small and feels like your choking up. And many of hanweis swords have the same hamon. Bugei is nice too again its hanwei. I've seen reviews of thaitsuki and destruction videos on them and they're a strong sword. Like darksword strong. And they're from Thailand and not china so that's also a plus. Not that china is bad but all my katanas were made there even my nice ones and am looking for a different region maker. I've looked for American katana makers but they're few and sold out constantly. And other American companies only deal in old nihontos. Im looking for a modern Japanese nihontos but they too are scarce if at all. Mostly its old swords and Im not looking to buy history. I can also get two darksword swords for the price of the thaitsuki but the thaitsuki is so nice. Has anyone heard of anything bad from thaitsuki? Like crooked mountings or loose or blades snapping? Anything bad at all? Price isn't an issue and I know I could get a Bugei falling pine sword which I like alot too for half the price of thaitsuki. But again its hanwei. Bugei and citadel are associated with hanwei if not from their forge directly if my findings are correct its all Paul Chen cas hanwei. Paul is a designer but hanwei is the beast company in swords. So there it is let me know people! Your thoughts!

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Much misaligned but not all that bad..
by: Paul

I have only ever owned one of the Thaisuki swords, and overall was fairly impressed..

The fit and finish was good, the blade really quite sharp and cut well - and the fittings very unique (silver habaki, lion dog style).

Only two things I did not like so much was the hamon, it looked like it was Hanwei acid etched, and the price, I think they are slightly too expensive for what you get, but only slightly.

I will try to dig out the video and add it to youtube soon so you can see some of the cutting.

Overall, they are good swords and certainly something different. Their main problem is marketing - in the early days they upset some people over at SFI (Sword Forum International) because they use the word "Nihonto" in their name, which usually refers to Japanese made swords exclusively.. This led to the assumption that they were rubbish, they were dismissed - and as you know first impressions count - and since then they never quite recovered, taking a hit straight out the gate..

But as anyone knows "a rose by any other name smells as sweet" much as a "Nihonto by any other name cuts as good"..

So in summary, yes - you should. Nothing wrong with them in my opinion. If you like a particular model, go for it!

- Paul

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