The website keeps removing my review

by Eric
(Rochester, MN)

I purchased a poor quality product and gave it a poor review. Submitted it twice, it has been removed twice. Apparently they only like good reviews. I probably won't do business with them again if this is how they are going to be.

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Feb 10, 2018
inaccurate info
by: Anonymous

How about when KOA info is inaccurate? this item KOA sells as a falx is in no way a falx. I know my own people's history a bit better I should think. But they removed my comment showing their deceit

Apr 04, 2016
to above
by: KOA

We do not remove reviews, but we will comment on them if we feel they are offering inaccurate information. You can find several 1 star reviews on our site if you look around. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. To the OP, if you submitted a review you should see it on the site, although it may not post immediately. There is a delay as we need to filter out review SPAM. If there was something about the review that was providing blatantly incorrect info, we will contact you about it before hand. If you do not see your review and you want more info email us at the site and we'll check on it for you.

As for "anonymous" above, we know who this is and what they are complaining about. Long story short he did not like the product he received, but did not want to send it back. He wanted something "better" than the manufacturer offered. Unfortunately we can only offer what the manufacturers make. We never told him that he was "full of sh**" as he likes to claim. Ironically, with that claim, now he is.

Apr 03, 2016
Mine was "blacklisted" too
by: Anonymous

Mine was removed too. They sent junk, wouldn't refund, and said there was "nowhere to go from here". They even said I was, and I quote, "full of sh**" after I sent photographic proof and video recorded an unboxing.

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