The worth of sword canes

by Ian Warner

QUESTION: Are there any sword canes out there that would be worth buying for use?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, due to legalities within my home country of Australia, I am unable to actually import or see cane swords myself... However, from what I have heard, Cold Steel make some very good and practical ones...

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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Burger Soword Canes
by: Philtw

Check out the burger Knives website for what must be sme of the best quality sword canes.........

You're stuck with Cold Steel
by: Caleb

Absolutely no offence to you Phil, but all i want to say about Burger knives is, they have this "all components (i assume incl. blade) are 303 stainless steel" statement, and we've got a problem here. Because stainless steel has stood the test of time--of being one of the worse things materials you can use to make swords.

Generally speaking, the ~sword cane~ market is precariously categorized in the ~fantasy sword~ market, and ~vintage accessories~ market. This is bad news because, as sword manufacturers know that these markets generally do not promise a lot of revenue in return, they simply will not put a lot of money into developing them. Even for a dedicated company like Cold Steel, you can see that they're concentrating their precious advertising space on their fittings rather than their blades (the former by far cheaper to produce than the latter)

As far as i know, the only manufacturers who HAVE stood the test of time who are ALSO making sword canes is Cold Steel. (I assume swords in shirasaya, "swords in sticks", or any other Asian variety do not count). You can try them newer companies--they're always trying someth'n--but as for reliability...well, they might just make their blades out of shatter-prone 330 stainless steel...

Point taken
by: Anonymous

Caleb, no probs, in that case the Burger sword canes ar every much over priced, albeit that they hav esome fantastic looking canes, if the sword does stand the test of time or usage then what are they worth............certainly not the price they are asking.....

be careful
by: Anonymous

Check well before you buy any, they're illegal in most countries. Recently I was at a weapons store, and I asked the storekeeper how much the sword canes in the Cold Steel catalogue cost, and he told me that if he sold them, I bought them or if anyone had them in their possesion, they'd be in violation with the law. I don't know about where you live, but be careful before purchasing.

My sword cane...
by: Anonymous

I have a sword cane.....made by indian knife/sword maker. i bought mine from atlanta cutlery catelog. It it the straight knob head design with a carbon steel rapier blade that is about a blade length of about 28 inches. Its all black matte finish. I have used this one allot....and it is sturdy...and well designed. The whole thing is made of steel....including the botton haft. it has a locking mechanism and you have to push a button to release it.
I have owned his product for years and it has held up well. I would recomend this i am a sword collector and can tell a quality product from a crappy one.

by: Anonymous

i have this sword..really wierd looking..almost a vodo looking handel..but made in can i find out more abt my sword?? thanks

not 303 blades
by: Zak

Burger Sword canes have stainless steel 303 fittings. The blade is made of high carbon steel (Austrian 440c for the MKII canes). Just taking a look at their website, you can see that these are not over-priced. They are a quality item.

I would call before ordering to see what steel the MKIII blades are made of; however I'd be surprised if it's not the same 440c.

Burger Sword Canes
by: Anonymous

I have owned 3 Burger sword canes and I can tell you that the blades are not 303 stainless steel the fittings are, the blades are 440c or high carbon steel for the lower priced model. The high end is Damasteel mine was Odin's eye pattern. I am disabled and use a cane daily these will support my 300lbs with no problem. To bad they are not legal where I live some states if you have a weapons permit you can carry them. The blades are fully heat treated and are fully functional weapons. They blow the Cold steel away, the Cold steel sword cane I had I tried to puncture a stack of magazines and the blade bent and stayed bent. The Burger blade flexes and returns to true like a sword should. There is no better sword cane made the Burger is the best you can get.

Go fuck yourself
by: Anonymous

Go fuck yourself

jackal sword cane
by: Anonymous

I recently was cleaning out my Friends grandparents house, I asked if I could have a old cane in the corner for my helping him. He said sure and gave it to me, I got home and it had loosened up and I unscrewed the jackal handle and pulled out a double edged sword about 18" long about 24" if you include the handle. The only lettering is on the blade "Pakistan". The blade is somewhat flexible and it has a chrome finish that is starting to come off a little from normal cane handle usage. The cane shaft/sheath is gloss black with a rubber end and a brass screw end on the top. Can anyone tell me anything about what I found, more than I already know? Price? Age? Thanks

burger materials info
by: George Orwell's pet rodent

On the Burger sword canes 'technical' page it reads:

"The double sided hollow ground blade found on our Mark 2, 3 and 4 models is made of 440c martensitic chromium steel. Highly corrosion resistant, this Austrian steel is hand ground into a double sided blade 5mm (3/16") thick and 14mm (9/16") wide, tapering to a needle sharp point. After hardening and tempering, the blade is polished and sharpened on both edges."

paki and indian swords
by: James

As a general rule any knife or sword coming from these companies are cheap. They can crack at the joint, under pressure and will not hold and edge. You have to pay for a high quality knife or sword. There are swords that are up for auction that are better than any made today. These were made in the 1700's. Back then a sword was your only means of defense. If, in battle, your sword could break or shatter an opponents sword. You just won, unless the dude could run really fast. Save up your money, buy one great edged weapon. You hopefully will never have to use it. But if you do, you want to be the winner.

cane sword....
by: Anonymous

i also have a cane sword with a part ivory handle and india on the top of the blade; it looks old, but whats it worth?

Sword cane quality
by: Anonymous

I have 2 of the cold steel sword canes. I have the Heavy Duty model and the stainless steel knob handle model. The Heavy Duty is a very nice STURDY cane with a blade that is extremely sharp & does seem to hold it's edge. The knob handle is a nice balanced cane with a fencing style blade.
(no cutting edge, just sticking) The blade on the heavy duty would be more useful in most situations. There is a cane maker in Ohio called Boris Palatnik that makes a cane that is said to be better than Burger because of blade quality (tempered steel & Damascus) and general craftsmanship. I have seen pictures and they are very nice, but also expensive. Most of us have to stay with cold steel, a reasonable price and good quality though not the best.

avoid 440 stainless swords
by: Anonymous

440 stainless, like that used in the low end burger models is just not good steel for a sword. i personally would avoid anything not made of 1050 or higher carbon steel (spring tempered) or better material. 440 stainless is great for small knives, but a sword of same will likely shatter or break under the stress of any real use.

whats the worth ?
by: Anonymous

i have a cane with a fish as the handle in wood and under that there is an ivory ingravings then there is a metal locking system and the when you pull it out it is a sword and on one side it says india in capitals the can part is all the wood is black

Repro Victorian canes
by: Anonymous

Reproduction “Victorian-era” sword cane probably made in India in the 1960‘s - 70‘s. Unsharpened blade has "India" on it.

Is it illegal to sell? How much is it worth?

BURGER sword cane
by: old baldy

I have owned several Buirger sword canes and found them excellent. I currently have a Buger MK III for sale if anyone is interested. The cane is 34" total length with 17 1/2" blade and cast silver head. The cane retails for $1590.00 and I am asking $1100.00 or best offer. It is in mint condition. e-mail marydale22@aol or call 267-992-7523

Strange sword cane.
by: Dominick

Hello! I have a very interesting sword cane that is a darker finish, bamboo body. the blade is a foil blade marked "Fabrica De Toledo' im really interested in seeing how old this cane is and what its story is.

Bamboo sword stick
by: Anonymous

I too have an old sword stick in dark bamboo.The blade is shaped and has 4 sides?It says
FRANCISCO on one side and
?KJZ EN TOLODO on the other.
I took it to a local auction house and they thought it was 200 years old.Any further info?

Sword Stick
by: Bellapod77

Have been sorting out my mother's possessions and have come across a sword stick with a Lion's head on the top and ivory looking inlay.
The sword part condition is ok but could do with a clean. The wood holding part is a bit scratched but nothing major.
I wonder if anyone has advise on selling this item as it is just sitting here and it would be lovely if someone bought it and restored it.
I live in England.

Buying the lion head sword cane
by: Anonymous


i am interested in buying the sword cane, tell me your price.

many thanks

Buying the lion head sword cane
by: Anonymous


i am interested in buying the sword cane, tell me your price.

many thanks

Any 1 interested?
by: Izreal Dagreat


Sword stick collecter
by: Jonny

Hello if anyone has any sword sticks, they would like to sell please contact me with some picstures at

Windlass Stiletto Cane

Does anyone know of a supplier for the Windlass Stiletto canes? Atlanta Cutlery has discontinued them and I would really love to buy one. If anyone has one they are considering selling, please drop me an email at

My sword cane
by: Chris

I have a bamboo sword cane with ZERO markings and it appears have a handle of some type of bone. I can send pictures to anyone that can possibly help me out. My email is

by: paul

i have a sword stick made of cane plain metal blade without any engraving can any help me get to know more about it pleaes

by: Anonymous

i was looking at your site because i own some sword canes and i saw a comment by anonymous, ,that simply stated " go f--- question is, why would someone do that ? it degrades the sender, far more than it offends the readers...i like your site but, can't you screen out those comments ?

can anyone tell me how much its worth ?
by: Craigin3d

I have a cane sword with lions head ivory inlay, the blade has on one side hand carved design, the other side India with 3 pyramids under it and dated 1866. Picture available with request....

India cane sword
by: T Hines

I also have a sword cane that I just picked up. I has an ivory (or bone) portion on the handle of the sword. the top is a brass lions head. the blade is about 24" and has "INDIA" engraved (dot matrix) on the top of the blade.

Is this really of the 18th century or is it a copy and does it have any value. I've seen a few on the internet that are very similar, which leads me to believe is not as old as it seems (rather a mass produced souvenir). If you want pictures, email me at

duck head sword cane .
by: tom

brass tip,Ivory inlay between duck head handle and brass locking ring ,blade reads INDIA ON IT. EMAIL

Burger Sword Cane Mk4
by: Lucy Y.

I was left a Burger Sword Canes Mk4 model which has a seamless join (with collars of the cane built internally) and the release button in the handle. Basically looks like the one on the left:
Is anyone interested in buying? We can discuss pricing. Email:


Sword cane type.
by: Alec Horowitz

That depends on which type of sword cane you are looking for, as there are many different types. About 4 months ago, I purchased a Japanese sword cane on ebay for about $230. The sword I bought, known as a Chokutō, and was forged from 1095 carbon steel, and has a genuine hamon. It is mounted in rosewood Shirasaya. So yes, there are good deals out there, you just need to spend a good amount of time looking for exactly what you want.

Carved ivory dagger cane handle
by: Bill

I have a cane dagger handle made of ivory with a serpent and grape vine cared on it. The dagger blade is 11 1/2 inche long and the handle is 3 inches. All I know is it was found hidden in the lid of an antique leather sea trunk my parents purchased in the late 40's. Can you give me some idea what it might be worth?

is there a value for the cane sword manufactured in India with the brass Kukris pommel
by: Anonymous

Is there a value for the cane sword with the molded/carved brass Kukris lion head?

custom made sword canes.
by: Anonymous

I know somebody in Arizona, who makes vary nice ones using French bayonets.

Burger is Stainless
by: Astyanaz

I have studied the Burger site and looked up the terms. The 440c steel they use is stainless. Even the Damascus Odinseye they use on the expensive models is referred to as "Stainless Damascus" Considering that these canes run from around five hundred to around sixteen hundred, I think you should be able to get one made with an incredible custom blade for that price.

Sword canes
by: Adam Pendragwn

I’ve seen some sword canes which have pretty good blades—if you think about, if you’re really using one for self defense as apposed to, say, beating on rubber tires all day—the blade doesn’t have to be all that great—but not a one of them looks any good, at least to me. Most are much thicker than an actual cane; and they rattle terribly! Solution: I’ve made my own! The blade of one was just a steel dowel which I ground down like a giant ice pick, and the other from an old, broken rapier blade. Both were narrow enough so that the scabbards looked no larger than a regular cane. So, you could always make your own. But remember: In all US States, Sword canes are concealed weapons and so illegal. A concealed weapons permit is for firearms not swords. And even if it were legal in your state, that doesn’t mean it’s legal in your city or town, so be careful.

Sword Value
by: Sue

I have 3 sword canes that belonged to my Dad. Don’t see any markings. Where can I get their value? 3 sizes somewhat ornate. Thanks.

SOme states they are legal
by: drmac100

There are some states that a concealed sword cane are legal along with switch blades and other knives of that nature.

Sword Cane
by: Anonymous

I have a sword cane with a fish head & carved bone underneath. It's an old vintage cane, and I tried to sell it on eBay. They keep removing it saying that it doesn't meet their standards or guidelines. but when I look at eBay there are over 60 listings right now for the same thing, and there are 120 sales of the same item. I don't get it. Is anybody else had the same issue with trying to sell something like this on eBay? Any thoughts on where I may go to sell it? Thank you Bill 513-314-5272

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