They sent wrong sword, want me to pay for their mistake !

by Lawrence Fowler
(Burradoo,NSW. Australia)

I purchased a Musashi Wind Dragon Katana online. The one purchased has the Musashi Stamp on the habaki, overall length 39", blade 27" weight 2.6 lb. Cost $79.00 US, with shipping to Oz $188 AUD. The sword that arrived had no Musashi Stamp on the habaki, overall blade length 40", blade approx 28" and weighes more than 2.6 lb. James at Swords Of The East assures me they have the katana with the Musashi stamp etc, but wants me to pay for return postage before he will send me the correct Katana. Postage back to him is $295.10 AUD. The sword was shipped via their Fedex Account to me costing $52.00 US. Initially I offered to pay $52.00 US to him if he would arrange to have Fedex pick it up and deliver it to him via Swords of the East Fedex Account but he ingored me. He wants me to foot the bill for his mistake, I cannot afford that kind of money $295. He claims it is Musashi's fault for not not informing him of fluctuations in weight and measurement, that is absolute bullshit, since he claims to have checked the katana before sending it, how did he check the katana without noticing there was no Musashi Stamp on the habaki ? To make matters worse, the katana he sent has a 3" flaw in the blade between 8" and 11" from the tip, the Hi, or blood groove squiggles off line for that 3". It ruins the whole asthetic value of the blade and who in their right mind is going to do some serious cutting with a blade that he knows is defected, (dangerous). He, James refuses to pay for sending me the wrong Katana, which leads me to believe his business ethics are highly questionable ? Federal Trade Commission is being contacted. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. The katana I ordered is the one advertised at his website.

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Jan 24, 2011
Just chargeback the mofo
by: Mark (previously known as Caleb)


As an Ebay seller, nothing hurts me more when a buyer scams a seller. HOWEVER, in your case, you've OBVIOUSLY been scammed, and the mistreated your generous offer horribly IMHO. (FYI, that is why Ebay says, "never use stock photos"... stock photos never tell us the item YOU are actually going to get)

Just call up your credit card company and tell them the purchase was made when somebody stole your card. If you are uncomfortable with lying, then tell them that the seller shipped you a DIFFERENT item. See if that gets you anywhere. If he's ignored you, there's little you can do other than to chargeback. Google this term if you need to.

Now, you may be thinking, "Hey, this is the best method to get free stuff!" I strongly believe there is Justice/Karma/whatever in the world, and I've never committed chargeback fraudulently. Use this only when you have to; always talk to the seller first. If the seller appeals the chargeback, one of the reasons they will use is "provided Phone Number but customer did not contact". Then your chargeback fails, and your money is still with him...

Hope that helps,

Aug 03, 2013
Every Sword is Different
by: Anonymous

For a $79 Sword your getting way to uptight, obviously this is your first sword. All swords a a little different, a little longer or shorter, heavier or lighter, the mesurments are a (in general) number. Also a low end company like Musashi may change things depending on weather or not the parts are availible, like with the Habaki, they might not have had any with the stamp when they made yours, or maybe they just discontinued the stamp ( I dont know why you would want the stamp on there it makes the sword look cheap). The Hi is not dangerous, it is a cheap sword, made whith low end materials,if you want a quality item your going to at least quadruple your budget and get a Hanwei. My experiance with SOE has been top notch, I always contact them prior to buying, make sure what I am buying is in stock, and things have run smoothly.

Aug 03, 2013
What a crock.
by: Anonymous

We all know about low end production, but that is no excuse for sending an item with obvious flaws. I was assured that the item in question was checked. Which in my mind is doubtful ? In a nutshell it was nowhere even near the item that was advertised, so lets not be making poor excuses for someone who did not do the right thing. By the way....

Comments made by anonymous is undeserving of any credence. Put a name to it Mr Consciencious.

Mar 06, 2014
You Get What You Pay For
by: Anonymous

Musashi swords are some of the lowest priced swords you can get. They look cool and feel cool, but if you want to get really picky about length, weight, etc, then you are in the wrong price range. Musashi swords are mass produced. I have bought swords from Swords Of The East for years, and they are the best of the best out there! You can't get mad at them because you bought one of the cheapest swords they sell and then werent happy with the quality of it.

You didn't get scammed, they sent you a perfectly good Musashi sword, you are just annoyed at the quality..

Its like anything, if you want something really high end, you don't buy the cheapest one on the market.

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