Thoughts on upright sword stands

by Robert Pero
(Lutz, Fl.)

QUESTION: My question is this. Will an upright sword stand do anything to hurt the blade?? Also what is the proper way to place the katana.....with the curve facing outward or inward towards to stand?? It sounds like a dumb question.....but I have only dealt with horizontal stands before and know what could happen over time for placing the katana the wrong way. I just purchased my first upright and need some guidance. Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Robert,

The main problem with upright stands is that, over time, the gravity will tend to pull the oil down the blade, while a horizontal stand keeps it where it is.

In the short term, this is no problem, but if you were to equally oil two swords and put one in a horizontal stand and one in a vertical, you'd see that the sword in the horizontal holds its own much better against rust.

With regards to the proper way of displaying, the ha edge should be facing the inside of the stand.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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Your collection
by: Erica Bellis Klein

It seems you have an expansive collection! Hit me up on Facebook to reconnect. Hope you are doing well!

dont use oil
by: Anonymous

Im a practicioner of Korean Sword Art. I have studied in a Korean Dojang for over 10 years. Koreans use a Billiard ball polish which contains a small amount of wax, sort of like a car polish. The polish will clean residue from cutting with ease and it will dry like auto polish rather quickly. Buff it off with a clean rag and viola. No need to oil. Korea is humid but I haven't had any rust on any of my live blades.

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