Tomahawk Katanas

by Elijah

QUESTION: Has anyone heard of the Tomahawk Trading Company? I've noticed a lot of their products on and their costs rival those of musashi swords. Though the prices may seem similar, I am wondering about the quality of their katanas. I've already heard a lot of opinions, good and bad, so I want to hear from someone who tested these one themselves.

ANSWER: Hi Elijah,

I am not too familiar with this brand as yet. The swords 'look' ok, but I'll open up the floor to see what others who may have actually tested them have to say.

I may be looking at trying some of these down the track to see if they are any good.


- Paul

Comments for Tomahawk Katanas

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Tomahawk Katanas
by: Jason Roland.

Unless you can provide me with a link showing a different product, the only Tomahawk Katanas that I have found are made of 420 j2 Stainless steel and none have proper Tsukas.

Jason Roladn

by: Andres

I founds some tomahawks here:

i don't know if this sword is a copy of the musashi zetsurin series or something, this worried me a little cause i recently buyed one of these zetsurins and the seller don't answer me if is a musashi or a tomahawk,

Anyway, if someone have experiences with these swords can give me a little feedback please.

tomahawk XL
by: Joe

just got one of these off craigslist yesterday. it says tomahawk 1052 XL carbon steel on the blade. and i must say it looks really nice, except for the tsuba which i would like to change, but im not sure if it even disassembles/reassembles or if its just got glue holding it all together.

it does have 3 mekugi pins which i thought was interesting, and the tsuka is pretty long, 14 inches. i payed 40 bucks for it which i dont think is that bad, considering i just wanted something to hold me over til i can afford something really nice. havnt tested its cutting yet, but it doesnt appear to be extremely sharp.

If anyone knows anything about disassembling these swords let know!

1052 xl
by: Duke

I bought the same style sword a couple years ago, they're made in china. I wouldn't recommend using it for anything other than display, on account of, as far as i can tell, the technique used to forge it was Maru. Meaning the blade is one solid piece of 'hard steel' and not a layering of more flexible steel and thus not very good at resisting the rigors of repetitive use, cutting bamboo and the like.
The hamon or wave pattern is also fake, acid etched instead of naturally from the forging.
I personally liked the tsuba and the length of the tsuka, ever since i look for katana with 12 inch or longer tsuka.

Tomahawk katanas
by: Anonymous

I have a three piece set of tomahawk XL 1489, complete with Katana, Wakizashi, and Tanto. the blades are carbon steel which is good, but they are one solid piece instead of being folded. the hamon is of course fake, and they have a rat tail tang which is not good at all and will probably break if I decided to hit them on anything as would the blade. If I am not to late with my comment, if you do decide to buy these swords only use them for decoration.

by: Brian

I got the XL1053 a month ago; it makes a great display piece. Other than that I use it for practice but do not strike anything. Great practice sword for the weight and feel.

by: ninja man

well I tryed my sword on a pineapple went right through it of course after I sharped it

Shamefully built display pieces
by: Guy in Hawaii

i have recently had the displeasure of disassembling my Tomahawk XL 1214 carbon steel Katana, only to find the blade and tsuba were being held in place by a cement-like glue that would only break after attempting to cut through a single bamboo stick. The sword was only a quarter tang which was very disappointing. These pieces truly are only meant as display pieces meant as a wall mount in a display case. The tsuba itself is great and sadly it seems this katana is possibly meant for spare parts if ever broken. The blade is fairly firm and not flexible. It to has an acid etched design that looks truely horrible. Unless you really want a wall mount piece don't buy one of these.

Replacement butt cap
by: Mario

Anyone know where I might obtain a replacement butt cap (Kashira) for the XL 1179 Tomahawk katana? Thanks.

by: Anonymous

i have seen a set of swords, a katana and wakazashi, ut they were extremley low quality, the sword itself seemed to be un heat treated and composed of cheap steel, the tang is very small and the sword itself is of extremley untraditional design...

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