truely awsome!

by neal simpson
(leighton buzzard (near london) u.k)

my kaze arrived today and it is so much nicer in the flesh than in the cheness cutlery website.

even though it was the wright up and pictures from the site that made it an instant purchase for me.

it really is lovely even to just to hold it, real nicely balanced weight for a practical sword just the way it should be.

im no expert but i truely recommend this katana to any enthusiast, dont listen to me.. hear what everyone else has said about their purchase of the 9260 kaze!... its all good comments.

i got home yesterday to find a letter from parcel force worldwide, saying they have my item (the kaze) and that its at my local depot awaiting collection and v.a.t to be paid. seeming i live in the uk it came to £20.31, so i made my way over and paid cash at the depot and couldnt even wait to get home... i had to rip apart the carboard box to reveal a quite a nice subtle black with maroon, with gold dragon embroyded box.
once i opened the box was the orange interior and the "kaze" in a black cloth wrap.

i undone the cloth wrap to find the bollocks of a sword! let me tell you it is so much better when its in the flesh!

plans for my kaze...

im not too up to scratch with the various name parts of the katana (im a beginner but learning)...

my kaze is brown,white and black, as seen on the cheness website..

i have employed an artist friend of mine to apply a hannya mask motiff 1/4 the way up the scabard, roughly 50mm by 100mm exactly the same shade as the saya' (ray skin?).. which is a slightly off-white colour and i will find out from cheness if i can purchase a perfectly matched brown (instead of the black), lace that wraps the scabbard to match the "tsuka"?.

all in all i think it will look stylish when finished.. 2 sets of black, 2 sets of white and 2 sets of brown, evenly finished.

now i got my sword, all i need is to decide which style to study ;)

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paul chen
by: neal simpson

just for the record, paul has been so helpfull in pointing me in the right direction for styles to learn ( being a practioner himself.) i explained i would like to study a style with flashy kata's (that being the guy flurrying around with the katana and all you see are the traces of the sword around him:)... i like that stuff yet i would like to learn battle with bokken and occasional cutting practice with bamboo etc.

he suggested a few styles.. kenjuitsu,gumdo,iaido etc.

he has been so helpfull and had to put up with my pestering emails yet found time to answer my questions... fair play to the guy! 10 out of 10!

p.s my friend is a fan of the katana and owns various authentic japenese katana's himself, ranging from ninja swords to katana to shirisaya?.. i told him to take a look at what i just purchased that day from cheness cutlery.. the 9260 differentally hardened etc kaze katana and he said.."neal mate its chinese :(" ...
then he took the time to actually have a proper look into what i bought and later told me "neal.. your sword's the bollocks!" .. huh. yeah dan.. like i didnt know that alredy mate! :)

anyway, as soon as paul chen releases a version of the little brother (kaze ko katana) with a brown iato wrap just like its bigger brother, be sure that i will be purchasing 1.

thanks for reading my story :)

pps. i cant have such an awsome weapon sitting on display looking pretty.. i will have to unleash it in my back yard soon. ;)

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