Trying to determine value of swords

by Nicholas Thompson

I am hoping I will have enough information here for you.

I had received these as a gift and now trying to determine the worth of them. I have done as much research as I can and cannot find any information what-so-ever on these.

The link below will be the manufacturer.

The link below will be the actual said swords.

Thanks in advance you're going to be a great help.

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Not all that expensive..
by: Paul

Hi Nicholas,

JS Swords are indeed a large sword forge in Longquan that supply some US based sword brands with their products.

I entered the SKU of the particular swords into google and found them listed on Aliexpress for US$431 here but this is hugely overvalued..

The description only mentions "carbon steel" so they are likely 1045, they are not widely sold - doing some google image searches on the SKU also showed some close up pics of the blade and fittings showing what is clearly a ground on/false hamon and zinc alloy fittings.

As such, the actual price should be closer to $50 for both swords based on materials and construction. They cannot really be classed as functional swords, but - all that said, the important thing is that they are a gift so the sentimental value is not possible to quantify.

On another positive side, I searched some other databases based on the image and they do not turn up on other sites, so are not widely sold - so quite unique. This does not add to the dollar value, but it does have some sentimental value - the buyer did not just pick up a common sword set everyone else has.

Hope this helps.

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