trying to find my sword

by Mark Simpson
(Nashville TN)

I have a sword I bought 20 years ago it is a two handed broad sword with a bronze hilt that has a skull dagger that comes out of the hilt it has no markings on it I can find at the bottom it has a tip guard that has SW on it could you help me find out who made it and what it might be worth. I have some pictures.

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Not entirely sure, but..
by: Paul

Hi Mark,

I am not entirely sure about this one - only because it is hard to research a specific design from 20 years ago on a sword of this style.

I can tell you looking at the blade and from the era it was made, it is definitely a stainless steel sword - and as a fantasy design is purely decorative in nature.

It is likely made in Spain, Toledo as the vast majority of fantasy swords of this style were made there around 20 years ago - value would be approx US$50-100 (approx).

Hope this helps.

Check here
by: Adam Pendragon

Check with a company named Marto. Also, if there’s a Medieval, Renaissance in your area, definitely check there. It sounds like a long-shot but it’s not. I used to do the fair thing for many a year and I’ve always seen swords like this; and some merchants keep some swords for many years. Also, look for a Society for Creative Anachronism in your area phone book or online, and I bet they can help.

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