Undecided on SGC Katana

by mike tong
(Evansville, IN USA)

QUESTION: Hi Paul! Can you tell me if the (SGC Tsukikage 9260 Spring Steel Katana) can be bent at 45 degree angle will it take a set like the cheness "Tenchi"?



ANSWER: Hi Mike,

I didn't really show this in the SGC Katana Review did I?

So I've just taken it outside to see for myself and the result is, it doesn't bend as easily as the Tenchi - due in part to its sheer mass, the amount of steel in the blade and its reinforced geometry. However, it did exhibit the same springiness and though the bending was quite demanding, the body of the blade was no worse for wear afterwards - still as straight and true as it was when I got it.

All in all, the steel still shows the same flexible properties as the other 9260 Katana, but is stiffer so harder to bend in the first place.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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