united cutlery any good?

by Josh

QUESTION: I saw a united cutlery h.c. spring steel...genuine rayskin...blahblahblah...for $83.99. might it be worth it or a rip off. i can't afford to get screwed.

ANSWER: Hi Josh,

I haven't heard of this one before... United Cutlery have only recently been ressurected from the ashes of bankrupcy, and never used to produce a non-stainless steel Katana. Things may have changed, and I'll have to look into it, but at this point - if you can't afford to take a risk on an unknown quantity - don't...

There are better brands out there from very reliable sellers that can do a decent blade for a very nice price (i.e. Musashi Swords).

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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