Variety of Sword made from steel

by Igancio Kau
(Athens Greece)

Dear Sir / Mam, Greetings to SBG.

Which is more powerful, durable and last for a lifetime.

1.) Carbon steel blade
2.) Cold steel blade
3.) T10 blade
4.) Damascus blade

Kindly advise the advantage and difference on those 3 items.

Lastly, I already eyeing for the gim sword, Han dynasty, and Ryumon Katana. I also checked your suggested trusted sword stores like KultOfAthena, TrueSword, & SwordOfTheEast.

Now am having difficulty getting their reply on how to ship international here in Athens Greece and my preference is to pay in cash thru bank here in Greece.

I hope they may assist me on this, as am a serious first time buyer of swords. I dont want to end up yet in going to usa just to have a purchase. Coz my usa tour is still far by 2017 or 18. Also, can't order in other EU based on your directory, coz the website (info content) is not that attractive & also expensive.

Many thanks & looking forward for your kind help.

All the best.


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Good news and bad news
by: Paul

I have some bad news for you, so not sure if after this news you will actually find the answers to your first questions very helpful..

But to quickly answer as to which steel is the most powerful, durable and lasts for a life time..

1) Carbon steel can vary in its carbon content. 1060 Carbon Steel, 9260 Spring Steel and 5160 Spring Steel are affordable and durable when monotempered. L6 and S7 shock steel are perhaps the best of the best in terms of strength, but are expensive. More info on sword steels here

2) Cold Steel is a sword brand, they are typically 1055 carbon steel.

3) T10 is good for katana when differentially hardened. A personal favorite.

4) Damascus blade - done mostly for tradition, modern steel makes the folding process largely obsolete.

Now the bad news.. From Kult of Athena:

Special note for Greece - Technically the postal restrictions for Greece list swords as prohibited. However we have had good luck shipping these items to Greece anyway. Because of this we can not guarantee that you will not have difficulty receiving your package, but if you would like to try, we will now ship to Greece.

This is why many sellers will not ship there, because the swords MAY get confiscated and so it is often at a per inquiry basis as a seller should confirm that you are willing to accept the risk it MAY be confiscated..

This can indeed make it difficult so may make shopping in the EU the best option.

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