The best value Viking Type H Replica?

It's a bold claim, but the Balaur Arms Viking Type H replica may be the best one currently on the market, especially regarding value for money. Indeed, it ticks almost every box yet costs a fraction of the price of most other decent replicas of this type.

So let's take take a comparative look at the Type H from Kult of Athena's house brand, Balaur Arms to see just how much great value this sword truly represents..

Balaur Arms Viking Type H Replica

Review by SBG member Eric 'the Viking' Bergeron

I have been eyeing this sword for a while and was finally able to purchase it, here is my review of the sword. This will be an ongoing review as I play around with it more I'll add more to this review.

I put together a list of similar Viking type H replica swords from other manufacturer's and will list that here for your information.

balaur-viking-typeh0.jpgPlease note that prices and availability are subject to change

As you can see here, the Balaur Arms is a pretty decent replica and is almost as good as Albion's offering, so if you can't spend the money to get a high end viking sword, this one is probably going to be a great next option for you.

The model I received was nice quality, tight fit in the scabbard, could hold it upside down and it would not fall out. As I just got it today will be taking a couple days to really look at the sword, my initial impressions is fantastic sword although I wish the pommel was a little smaller. Here are some initial pictures.

Balaur Viking Type H in scabbardAlmost worth the price on entry for the scabbard alone..
balaur-viking-typeh2.jpgNice clean, crisp lines, though the tip - just a little too pointed for the type..
type h hiltVery nice for the price indeed..

Video of the sword up close:

The blade is nice and stiff with no whippiness. Hard to tell it apart from much more expensive offerings, overall - a one of the best value viking type h replicas on the market.

Video of the Scabbard:

5 Star Rating


The Balaur Arms Viking type H replica sword is available exclusively HERE at Kult of Athena where blemished versions go for $284 and pristine picks for $318.95

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