Wait period on custom sword orders

by Darryl Collins
(Knoxville Tennessee USA)


Hello, my name is Darryl Collins I live in Knoxville Tennessee USA. I am planning on making my first real sword purchase from the SBG sword store. I want to build my own custom Katana, which by the way is a great idea. My question for you is about the delivery time from the time I order. Is it still going to be 8 to 10 weeks, any more, or any less? The answer won't change my mind to order, I would just like to know when approximately to expect it. Your web site is GREAT! I have learned so much by just finding it and all the info it provides for new enthusiasts like me. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Darryl,

We strive to have them out and in your hands within 8-10 weeks. Sometimes it will be a little faster and sometimes a little slower. For example, with Christmas coming up now, it will likely be slower due to the increase of freight (making it hard to get a booking and causing bottle necks) and then everyone taking time off. But overall, the delays should only add a couple of weeks or so.

Logistically, it is very hard to arrange, but we do our best! ^_^

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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