Want a Korean sword

by Don
(Green Bay WI)

QUESTION: I am looking for a Korean sword that is affordable and sharp. Imported from Korea perfered.

ANSWER: Try these guys:

Martial Arts Swords

They are a sword maker based in Korea that have a very good reputation for high quality blades (though I have heard that the fittings are a bit below what you would expect at this price point...

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korean swords
by: asian history scholar

Though your homework must be done. There are a few highly reputable Korean Sword Makers in Republic of Korea(South Korea). Korean history says that they gave better forging capability to its Foriegn neighbors to stop the endless wars cause by technological jealousy prevalent in middle ages. Koreans built some of Asia's first forges capable of producing iron of quality with alloy with tempering technologies. which is later further advanced by other neighboring countries. the initial iron forge may or may not be korean but the technical knowledge were blessings from heaven to a Korean Smith. if you take into account korean routes and wars and iron quality go together in ancient times of Kingdom building and fortification which is why foreign countries always war against the Korean peninsula. Korean iron was a valued commodity in its past. comparisons have always related it to some of the highest quality steels of ancient asia. But many of the sword making techniques had to be relearned due to Manchurian and Japanese Invasions. not to mention its own civil wars between states.

here is a site for anyone to visit. http://gregorybrundage.tripod.com/koreanswords/koreanswordsmiths.html

there is a phone number to call if you desire a sword of high quality about $2000 give or take depending on current currency value.

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