Was wondering if the Tenchi is weaker with the bo-hi.

by Mattew LaVigne

QUESTION: Hello my name is Matt i was just wondering if the cheness tenchi is weaker with the bo-hi. I looking for a sword that has a balance point closer to 5" from tsuka but at the same time will still be a strong functional sword. Also was wondering if the tenchi could be sharpened for a better edge or will this make the edge more prone to breaking.

Thanks Matt

ANSWER: Hi Matt,

Actually, all swords with bo-hi are slightly weaker - the keyword being slightly, because the 'I-beam' style construction of the sword minimizes the loss of structural integrity while keeping the weight down - the same basic principle used in the construction industry.

It can be honed further if required, but despite having significant niku (meat) and not always 'feeling' sharp to the touch, they can cut very well straight out of the box.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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