wash wash wash

by Lawliet
(michigan )

i own about ....hmmm five good handmade (true) battle ready swords and about three wall hangers or S.L.O. and i have noticed how much better the sword preforms if it is cared for frequently even my wall hangers preform better (for what bit of preformance they can even give) well in simplicity clean and care for your blades and they will perform better also if you have wall hangers and real swords care for them both as if they were part of the family even a wall hanger should get respect (lol blame the factory manager ..im not telling you to buy wall hangers tho but if you have some care for them ) well thats it bye and thanks sword-buyers guide i saw the review on the stripped down economy swords for the rosewood shirasaya and so i got it , must be the best sword i own and i only spent $59 for it im so glad i found this site.

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