What did these swords come from?

by Cliff

QUESTION: A friend gave these sword to me. They measure in length in the sheath, "40 inches and 37 inches". They are carved from Teak Wood. The guard looks like silver. If you could help I thank you very much.

ANSWER: I have some of these too, and believe that they are Balinese or Indonesian souveniers (not particulary valuable btw). Quite ornate carvings aren't they, but watch 'em - the tangs are rat tail in the extreme and swinging them can all to easily result in the dreaded 'helicopter' effect...!

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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by: Anonymous

I have the same ones that have a sticker on them saying they are from thialand. just wish I knew what they were wirth

by: Anonymous

Bullshit they aren't worth much. Teak wood is espensive as shit. And just type in dha sword (which these are) into ebay and see what the listings are going for. The tangs probably taper into a rat tail, but the swords can definitely be modified to secure them if you want to swing them around. Hold onto these, bro!

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