What Dino do with this Katana if it’s real?

by SFC R Rivera (ret.)
(Summerville SC )

Grandpa brought this back from Saipan, WWII? Said it was originally a Calvary Officers but the Japanese has to eat the horse so it was cut at the handle end was longer, does it look like the real deal?

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It's a Gunto
by: Paul

It is a bit hard to tell from the pictures too many details - but from it provenance and what I can see of it, it looks to be a fairly common type of 'Gunto' sword, which is to say mass produced blades made for the Japanese military in the lead up to and to the end of World War II.

As a rule they are not worth a huge amount of money *depending on condition, typically between $300 to $500) but its true value is as a family treasure and memento.

Thanks to your Grandpa for his service.

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