what do you think of this sword

by steve evory

QUESTION: I recently aquired a sword from a friend after graduation as a gift now that I've left town I don't know where she bought it or how much it was but i'm curiouse what you think of it what she told though was that its full tang, slightly sharpened high quality polished carbon pressed steel model blunt blade and these are the measurments:

Overall 104cm
Handle 29cm
Blade 71cm
Scabbard 75cm

It came in a wooden silk layed box with a cleaning kit and soft cover and where she bough it from told her or had written that it could be used for training with an instructor this was a gift because I do kendo I have no photos though it has a heat line and blood groove and can be unassembled if thats any help thanks anyway


ANSWER: Hi Steve,

Hmm, well unfortunately that could be used to describe about 1,000 production swords out there. I suspect though that it might be one of the Global Gear G series swords.

Have a look at Global Gear - you may be able to recognize it. Otherwise, it is very hard to identify...

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. It is a bit of a needle in a haystack...


- Paul

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