What is the best Viking sword?

by Anthony
(Garland, Texas)

QUESTION: I have seen dozens of Viking swords on the internet on dozens of sites. The Albion swords are not exactly in my price range and I was wondering if you could direct me towards the best one (in your opinion) under US$300.

Many thanks,

ANSWER: I must admit to being a bit of a Viking sword freak myself - there are quite a few reviews getting ready for a specific page on Viking Swords, however as a heads up, I'd have to say that the general consensus is that the best sub US$300 Viking sword is the River Witham Viking Sword by Generation 2 (there are some reviews of it by members of the SBG Sword Forum).

Anyway, more options and details will be on SBG shortly. But this is the consensus at the moment!

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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