What kind is this?

by Amanda S
(Oklahoma )

Is this anything of value? I was just going to donate to good will, but wanted to keep if it was worth something.

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Hook Swords..
by: Paul

Hi Amanda,

These are classic Chinese 'hook swords' - a versatile type of sword used in some traditional Chinese martial arts and one of the most exotic styles of blades.

From the picture alone, it is a bit hard to tell the value - but they do not look like the typical mass produced replicas available currently, so it may be worth your while getting a professional evaluation.

They are unlikely to be worth thousands of dollars and are not going to hundreds of years old either (as they are a fairly recent development, appearing only in the Qing Dynasty) but they do look fairly authentic..

There is a service online you can use to get it checked out here based in the UK. It is not free, but it may be worth getting a professional opinion.

Thanks for sharing, very interesting design.

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