what kind of sword is this???/

by brian androsac
(circleville,ohio 43113)

QUESTION: i would very much like to know what kind of sword this is? even if it is cheap if it wasnt what would it be? and what is the emblem on the pommel? give me as much info as you can please i really appreciate it..thank you so very much Brian D Androsac.


I'm afraid to say that it looks very much like a cheap fantasy sword. The overall hilt design is not like any historical sword I have ever seen, though it looks like it is an older sword (1970s or 80s).

Sorry if this is a disappointent..

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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Paul, come on. that's not an answer ;-)
by: SlayerofDarkness

Ok, the pic doesnt really show the pommel but it looks kinda like a snake emblem (shaped roughly like an S). this would probably be an arming sword (fancy name for shortsword) assuming the blade is around 23"-30"; however, it could also be classified as a one-handed longsword if the blade is longer such as 33"-40"...Hope that this info comes in handy!


P.S. don't take me wrong Paul...I'm still your biggest fan!!!!

by: Franky

I have several Masonic swords and knights of Columbus swords have no idea what they are worth

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