What kind of sword is this

My father gave me this sword and I know my aunt bought it in Europe a long time ago, I can't find any info on it, the only thing I can find is a similar sword for sale in Romania but with a gold hilt.

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A good quality decorative piece
by: Paul

I have seen this sword before, it is a decent quality decorative piece. I am pretty sure they were made in Toledo, I don't think they are for sale any longer but were quite popular souvenirs sold during the 1970s.

It is a replica and not an antique or anything, but one of the better looking swords of the era. Fish tail pommel, faux wire wrapped grip. Pretty sure they can be unscrewed - not really suitable for swinging around as I think if you unscrew the pommel you will find a rat tail tang, but they are definitely good looking.

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