What Kind of Sword Is This?

by Bryan
(Brisbane, Australia )

I recently bought this sword at an second hand store as it was a bargain price and just couldn't resist. just thought it would make a nice display when cleaned up.

very newbie to swords, so any info would be great.

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Looks familiar...
by: Paul

Hi Bryan,

Actually, I am pretty sure that this is the same mode sword as shown disassembled on our site on the page about fantasy swords here

It is basically a generic fantasy shortsword based loosely on a 'kit rae' style. Usually they are made in China, stainless steel and rat tail tang, unsuitable for any kind of actual use..

But everyone has to start somewhere, I had a few like this in my collection when I first got started and they don't look bad as decorations.

Anyway, hope this helps.

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