what ninja swords to get?

QUESTION: I was thinking of buying the hanwei ninja to and the gen2 bwt ninja to, and my question is what is your opinion on these two swords.

ANSWER: I've never handled the Gen2 BWT, though have heard it is nicely made and performs very well, but may be phased out due to the competition for this kind of sword being greater than the demand... (which is part of the reason I never bothered to review it - I don't want too many reviews of good swords that you just can't get!)

So it is kind of hard for me to advise on which one is best, other than I Reviewed the Hanwei version here and found it to be a very scary and effective little blade. ;-)


- Paul

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owned one want another
by: Anonymous

I have owned one that was lost in a cross country move. I purchased it for around $250.00 and sent it off to the Fred Lohman company for some minor customization and overall the sword still came in at under $500.00. If you can still find one then by all means GET IT!! I was an amazing blade that was 22 inches and cut very effectively and moved efforlessly. If you can find one you will not be disappointed. The tsuba seems to be of low quality but it is stoutly made and blued fairly well and grew on me to the point that even though I had the money I didnt have it replaced. Everything else I had done was personal preference and cosmetic.

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